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An Introductory Guide to Wage Garnishment Laws in Texas

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When a debtor is unable to pay the amount they owe, a court may order their employer to withhold a part of their wage and send it directly to the creditor until the debt is paid. When it comes to wage garnishment laws, the laws in Texas are different from most of the other states in the US. Texas imposes certain limitations on the creditors seeking debtor’s wage to settle their unpaid debts. In addition, there is a limit on the amount that can be withheld from a defaulting debtor’s wage. This post gives you an overview of wage garnishment

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Simple Ways to Settle IRS Tax Debts

Simple Ways to Settle IRS Tax Debts with Nick Nemeth

If you owe money to the IRS and fail to prove that the tax evasion was unintentional, the repercussions can be adverse. The IRS has the power to garnish your wages and seize your assets and property to recover the money that you owe. If you are hoping to  settle on a reliable payment plan without any penalties for your unpaid taxes, you may need legal counsel. The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth have a team of experienced and reputable IRS tax relief attorneys who successfully help many taxpayers settle their tax debt problems. This post lists some of the

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An Introductory Guide to the IRS Bank Levy Release

Guide to the IRS Bank Levy Release with Nick Nemeth

A Bank levy is the IRS’s right to collect the amount owed by a taxpayer. Under the provision, the IRS freezes the funds available in the defaulter’s bank account. Even though a bank levy is one of the most extreme tactics used by the IRS to collect outstanding payments; the good news is, taxpayers have ways to avoid the situation. In this post we provide an overview of the scenarios in which the IRS may release a levy, and what taxpayers need to do to find their way out of the problem. Read on. Scenarios in which the IRS can

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3 Things you Must Know about IRS Appeals

Things you Must Know about IRS Appeals with Nick Nemeth

Although tax auditors exercise various precautions when carrying out audits, the final report can still have errors. If you have reasons to believe that there is any error in your report, you can challenge it by filing a written request with the IRS Office of Appeals. Formally called “IRS appeal”, the request is a provision to help taxpayers resolve tax disputes with the Federal body. Below are three things that you must keep in mind when filing an appeal against an IRS report. 1. What is Office of Appeals? The IRS Office of Appeal is an independent organization formed in

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Answering 5 FAQs about the IRS Bank Levy Process

IRS Bank Levy Process with Nick Nemeth

A bank levy is usually confused with a tax lien. It is important to understand the difference. In the case of a bank levy, the IRS has full authority to seize your financial assets to compensate for your tax debts. A tax lien secures the government’s interest in your property. Understanding the IRS bank levy process is crucial and the best way to overcome such tax related issues. If the IRS has sent you a notice of issuing a bank levy in your name, this blog covers all the frequently answered questions about an IRS levy. It will help you

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Common IRS Tax Problems and Their Solutions

Ways to resolve IRS Tax Problems with Nick Nemeth

It makes sense that some people refer to tax season as a stressful season. The Tax Code is very complex while the IRS is tough on defaulters. An otherwise innocent and simple mistake, such as filing your returns late, can invite a fine of up to 25 percent. That  is why it pays to know your way around common IRS problems that you may encounter from time to time and to seek professional IRS problem help in time. In this blog, we look at some of the effective ways to resolve IRS tax problems. Unsubmitted Tax Returns If you have

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Need Help with IRS Tax Appeals? Here is All You Need to Know

IRS Tax Appeals with Nick Nemeth

After you receive an IRS letter of adjustment you get 30 days to appeal. That period of 30 days is to let you appeal against any inaccuracies or errors in the report; for which you need to contact The IRS Appeals Division. If you disagree with the IRS’s determination and want to be prepared with the required information for future IRS appeals, this blog covers important points: what can you appeal, how to request for appeals, and what is a small request. Read on. Actions of the IRS that can be Appealed You usually appeal for any decision of the

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Get Rid of a Tax Lien from Your Credit Report and Property

Get Rid of a Tax Lien from Your Credit Report and Property with The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth

A tax lien is the last resort exercised by the IRS to make a tax defaulter pay what they owe. It reflects on the defaulter’s credit report and questions their credibility, due to which they may not qualify for loans and credit cards in the future. By the time people realize the long-term effect of a tax lien, it is already too late; however, with the right approach, no mountain is too high to climb. If you too have received a tax lien and now want to get rid of its imprint on your credit report, this blog is for

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Scenarios in Which You Can File for IRS Penalty Abatement

File for IRS Penalty Abatement with The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth

There are two scenarios in which an individual may receive an IRS penalty; they are either late in paying their taxes or they file their tax return after the deadline. In case of late filing of your tax returns, the defaulter usually pays 5 percent of the tax amount every month, if the delay is less than 60 days. However, if they are late by more than that, they pay either a maximum of 100 dollars or 100 percent of the amount owed. In certain scenarios the defaulter can be exempted, some examples of which, we will discuss in this

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IRS Tax Issues, Resolutions, and Help


Millions of Americans face tax issues every year.  Whether it be an audit, an unfiled tax return, a tax lien, or a garnishment of wages, any tax problem with the IRS can wreak havoc on an individual, his or her family, and/or business.  The good news is there are resolutions to tax problems and help is available when dealing with the IRS. Tax Issues The IRS sends a letter and by simply opening an envelope, you have a tax problem.  The fear and intimidation of the IRS sets in and can be overwhelming.  Perhaps you forgot to file a return

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