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All You Need to Know About a Notice or Letter from the IRS

IRS notices and letters

Receiving any communication from the IRS can easily result in sleepless nights. There are numerous letters and notices that may come to your mailbox and they often bring anxiety and stress with them. On the one hand, there is a fear that you will soon be saying goodbye to your hard-earned money; on the other hand, the IRS could take more than just your savings account. But, as they say, with the right approach no mountain is too high to climb. Moreover, if you have received an IRS notice or letter then the last thing you should do is ignore

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Steps to Appeal Your IRS Audit

IRS Audit

The very mention of the term ‘IRS audit’ is enough to worry even the most diligent taxpayer. Whether the audit is to investigate back taxes, penalties, interest, or sanctions it can result in perpetual visits to the IRS office or even visits from IRS agents to taxpayers on the receiving end. That, however, is just the beginning of the worries. If all of the findings of the audit are against the taxpayer’s interest, it can result in serious financial consequences. That is when taxpayers can turn to the Office of Appeals. How does the Office of Appeals Help? Even though

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Notable Dos and Don’ts When Applying for IRS Penalty Abatement

IRS penalties can be a nightmare for taxpayers. Making the scenario worse is the fact that most penalized taxpayers either do not request relief or have their abatement request turned down because they failed to comply with the IRS’s filing guidelines. That is the reason why it is important for taxpayers to rope in an experienced IRS tax lawyer. With proven experience in handling IRS penalty abatement cases your tax attorney can help you earn a determination in your favor. In this article we cover some notable dos and don’ts when applying for IRS penalty abatement. Read on. Dos Utilize

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How Are Tax Returns Processed by the IRS

Tax Returns

The tax returns filed with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) need to undergo quite an extensive review process before they are finally accepted. While it is mandatory for each taxpayer to regularly file tax returns, not everyone is aware of what exactly happens once they submit their file. Keep reading to know how the IRS uses an amazing blend of man and machine to process tax returns. Error Resolution Service Firstly, the filed return goes through an error resolution service, which is designed to point out potential errors. If it finds an error, the return file is reviewed by an

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How to Spot and Avoid Tax Scams

Beware of tax scams

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is very strict when it comes to payment of taxes. In trying to fulfill your obligations as a taxpayer, it remains important to keep an eye out for fraudsters that waylay taxpayers with all sorts of schemes including threatening an IRS tax investigation. The IRS makes a concerted effort to warn taxpayers about the existence and form of such schemes. This blog looks at how to spot tax scams and avoid them. Email Scams The Internal Revenue Service does not initiate any contact with taxpayers through emails if they need any personal or financial information.

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Federal Tax Liens Vs Mortgage: Which One Takes Priority?

Types of Tax Liens in Real Estate

When it comes to managing different tax-related issues such as paying dues, filing returns, and handling liens, levies, and mortgages, it is extremely important to set the right priorities to avoid IRS tax problems. Two of such issues that demand immediate attention are tax liens and mortgages. A tax lien refers to the government’s right to claim your property due to the failure to pay your taxes, while a mortgage is a legal agreement through which you take a loan from a lender while putting up your property’s title as security. In this blog, we take a look at Federal

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All You Need to Know about the New IRS ‘Tax Pro Account’ Feature

IRS launches 'Tax Pro Account' feature

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) always works to enhance and simplify their tax-related services and help individuals manage various financial aspects of their lives. In its latest effort to simplify digital interactions, and as the first step towards fully digitizing and automating the tax system, the IRS launched a ‘Tax Pro Account’ feature in July 2021. Keep reading as we discuss everything you need to know about the latest ‘Tax Pro Account’ feature launched by the IRS. What is the Purpose of a ‘Tax Pro Account’? The new ‘Tax Pro Account’ aims to assist taxpayers looking for IRS debt relief

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All You Need to Know About Tax Fraud Investigations

Tax Fraud Investigations

IRS tax investigation is a very tiring process not only for the directors, officers, and employees in a corporation that is the subject of investigation, but for their legal advisors as well. Although investigators aren’t always aware of exactly what or who they are looking for, they are extremely cautious about sharing sensitive information, which ends up troubling legal advisors pertaining to if and what they should be preparing for. In this blog, we explore the proceedings of IRS tax investigations to help you get a better understanding of the legal actions taken in such conditions. What is Tax Fraud?

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Answering Frequently Asked Questions About Unfiled Taxes

Answering Frequently Asked Questions About Unfiled Taxes

Unfiled taxes can attract the wrath of the IRS through various collection methods and penalties. Some taxpayers miss out on payments due to unavoidable reasons, while others believe they can evade the IRS and do not pay their dues for several years. While the IRS provides a helping hand to taxpayers troubled by unavoidable issues, there are numerous penalties that can be levied against defaulters. In this blog, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions related to unfiled taxes. What are Unfiled Taxes? Failing to pay your taxes, file tax returns, present accurate tax or financial documents may

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All You Need To Know About Payroll Taxes

5 Ways to Handle Unpaid Payroll Taxes

The taxes withheld from employees to be used to pay FICA taxes and income tax by the employers are known as payroll taxes. It is the employer’s responsibility to maintain an accurate record of the funds deducted from employee salaries, and it is mandatory for them to pay their share of taxes as an employer. Employers must take care when dealing with payroll taxes to avoid getting in any trouble with the Internal Revenue Service. Keep reading to learn all you need to know about IRS payroll taxes. Employer’s Responsibilities Towards Payroll Taxes Employers not only have to worry about

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