Dallas Tax Attorney Nick Nemeth Publishes New Blog to Offers Encouragement For Taxpayers Who May Be Facing IRS Trouble

Nick Nemeth is the founding partner for one of the most well known and regarded law firms that serves Dallas and the surrounding areas, and he has written about several reasons why taxpayers should be optimistic when dealing with a tax dispute involving the IRS.

Dallas, TX –June 26, 2014,– The  Nick Nemeth Law Offices is a reputable legal firm that serves the Dallas and the Fort Worth metroplex areas, and Nick Nemeth is the founding partner of this firm. Nick Nemeth recently published a new blog post entry online which can be found on his website, and this post offers optimism for taxpayers caught up in an IRS dispute.

The title of the new blog post on Nick Nemeth’s website is “IRS Tax Controversy: Three Reasons for Optimism”, and the author explains why taxpayers should have optimism and look for the right resolution to their tax issues and problems.

Experienced tax attorney Nick Nemeth wrote “When it comes to life the two inevitable things are taxes and dying,. No one wants to die, but for some this would be preferable to trying to resolve a disagreement with the Internal Revenue Service.”

No one wants to tangle with the IRS or get drawn into a tax dispute, that is clear. The fact is that your tax situation may appear very bad but there are reasons for you to look on the bright side. As a taxpayer you have certain options available to you and there are reasons to be optimistic about your situation. The latest blog post highlights several reasons why optimism is called for. It is also important to understand that you will need to take action if you want to resolve a tax dispute with the IRS, this situation will not get better until you address it.

3 reasons to be optimistic despite the fact that you have a tax controversy with the IRS include:

1. As a taxpayer you have rights that the IRS must respect, but you must insist on these and know what they are. The IRS will not make sure you understand each of the rights that you have. If you are not aware of the rights that you have as a taxpayer then the IRS will usually try to take advantage of this fact and may even cross the line or violate your rights if you let them.

2. There are ways that you can resolve an IRS tax dispute and pay less than what the agency claims that you owe Uncle Sam, but you must be aware of programs that are available which can settle tax liabilities for an amount that is lower than what is owed. This is something that many taxpayers do not realize. The IRS will make it hard for any taxpayer, and IRS settlement programs are not widely advertised. A qualified tax attorney can help you settle your dispute with the IRS for less in many cases, and make sure that your rights are protected in the process.

3. When you have an experienced IRS attorney representing you then this can put a stop to harassing calls, letters, and visits. The tax lawyer that you choose will deal with the IRS for you, giving you some breathing room and helping you lower your stress level while the tax dispute with the IRS is being resolved.

The Law Officer of Nick Nemeth has a well earned reputation as tax dispute resolution specialists. The law firm has helped many businesses and individuals in both Dallas and Fort Worth areas of Texas deal with the IRS and get a favorable outcome. The team of experienced tax lawyers only handle tax disputes and IRS tax controversies, and they can help minimize the negative consequences of dealing with the IRS over a tax dispute while working to get clients the best possible resolution and results.

The blog post can be accessed here: https://www.myirsteam.com/irs-tax-controversy-three-reasons-for-optimism/

To find out more about the law firm visit: https://www.myirsteam.com

About Nick Nemeth:

Nick Nemeth is an attorney who only handles tax law cases, and he has authored many articles and blogs that provide tips and facts for taxpayers. Nick started in tax law over 15 years ago, and he is still very passionate about representing his clients, and about informing people and companies about how to avoid IRS problems in the first place.

Dallas Tax Attorney Nick Nemeth Publishes New Blog to Offers Encouragement For Taxpayers Who May Be Facing IRS Trouble
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