Dallas Tax Attorney Nick Nemeth Publishes New Blog Urging Taxpayers Not To Be Intimidated By The IRS

Nick Nemeth, an experienced tax attorney who started what has become a highly successful law firm in Dallas, explains the ways that taxpayers may be intimidated by the IRS so that the taxpayer complies with this agency without question.

Dallas, TX – Jan 24, 2014– Tax lawyer Nick Nemeth, has published a post on the blog he maintains on his website which discusses how to avoid being intimidated by the IRS during any tax dispute. The title of the blog post is “Facing a Tax Dispute? Don’t Let the IRS Intimidate You”, and it covers important information that readers should have.

When asked about this blog entry Nick Nemeth responded “Taxpayers do not want any correspondence from the Internal Revenue Service, because no news is a good thing when it comes to this governmental agency. The reputation that IRS agents have is not a nice one, and this has not happened by accident. Intimidation is one of the favored tools that the agency uses to keep taxpayers scared and intimidated. Agents flex their powers in order to make taxpayers go along.”

In addition to using fear and intimidation so that taxpayers are encouraged to be honest and file accurate tax returns the IRS will also send revenue agents after any taxpayer who has an IRS tax dispute. This usually starts with frightening phone calls and threatening letters, and then escalates from there, Many taxpayers comply with the first communication from the IRS, even if they feel they do not owe the amount that the agency claims.

If you are in a tax dispute with the IRS do not let this agency intimidate you. Some things that you need to know as a taxpayer include:

1.Every taxpayer has specific rights under the law, and the IRS rules and regulations. The IRS is hoping that you do not know what your rights are, because this allows the agency to do what they want without being put in check. An experienced tax lawyer can prevent this, because they specialize in dealing with the IRS and protecting the rights of taxpayers like you.

2. Taxpayers do not fully understand the entire tax code of the United States. This code runs thousands of pages, and it is constantly changing as some laws are revised and others are added or removed. There is no way that the average taxpayer understands the complicated tax code and the IRS knows this. The agency is hoping to gain the upper hand, because they have attorneys on their side who understand the code fully. You also need legal representation from someone who specializes in tax law so that you get a better outcome from your IRS tax dispute.

3. Stop aggressive methods from the IRS by getting a qualified tax lawyer on your side. When you have a tax attorney then this professional will handle all of the negotiations and deal with the IRS on your behalf. This can save you a lot of headaches and stress, and it prevents the IRS from trying to intimidate you.

As tax law specialists the experienced IRS attorneys at The Law Office of Nick Nemeth are dedicated to helping individual taxpayers and business owners work through IRS problems, and the devastation that these issues can cause.

The latest blog post can be viewed here: https://www.myirsteam.com/facing-a-tax-dispute-dont-let-the-irs-intimidate-you/.

To find out more about Nick Nemeth and his practice visit this link: https://www.myirsteam.com

About Nick Nemeth:

As an experienced attorney and published author who focuses solely on taxes Nick Nemeth understands how the IRS operates and what powers they have. Nick has spent many years fighting against the Internal Revenue Service on behalf of companies and individuals, so he knows the methods that they may try and use to make people pay up and how to resolve disputes before any IRS intimidation starts.

Dallas Tax Attorney Nick Nemeth Publishes New Blog Urging Taxpayers Not To Be Intimidated By The IRS
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