“Do It Yourself” Tax Resolution? Consumer Team Interviews Attorney Nick Nemeth

(DALLAS-FT. WORTH, TEXAS — Consumer Team News) Savvy consumers have learned to save money through DIY. YouTube, specifically, has brought rise to a nation of do-it-yourselfers who learn from video and then tackle a project on their own. There are some arenas where being a DIYer can end badly.  When it comes to dealing with an IRS tax issue, a DIY strategy can sometimes be dangerous. Nick Nemeth, DFW attorney, will join Pete Thomson on The Consumer Team to discuss when a DIY strategy can work for consumers. The interview will be broadcast on 1080 KRLD Radio in Dallas-Ft. Worth.

Nick Nemeth - Endorsed by The Consumer Team

Nick Nemeth – Endorsed by The Consumer Team

Pete Thomson, host of The Consumer Team, said that Nemeth supports a ‘Do It Yourself’ strategy, in some cases.   Thomson added, “In our interview, Nick talks about several situations where a consumer can ‘do it yourself’. But, as you can imagine, knowing when it’s appropriate to go DIY is critical.” Helping consumers determine their options, according to Thomson, is one of Nick Nemeth’s most valuable consumer services. He added, “Nick is very open and transparent with consumers dealing with an IRS tax issue. And because he offers a free initial consultation to consumers, people can learn what their options are without spending any money.”

The Consumer Team is airing a radio series on tax resolution services to address what Thomson calls consumer abuse in the category. Thomson said, “A number of the big firms in tax resolution are not consumer friendly. They’re generally national advertisers that have very aggressive commercials making big promises to the consumer. Their trick is to get a consumer to agree to a large retainer and a monthly fee and then drag out the process as long as possible. By the time the consumer figures out that the firm is not doing anything, they’ve spent a ton of money.” Thomson applauded Nick Nemeth’s model of customer service. Thomson added, “Nick is a true consumer advocate. Beyond the free initial consultation, Nick is very respected in the area of IRS issues. He is known and respected by the IRS.  In fact, his office is within walking distance of their north Dallas office.”

Source: The Consumer Team

“Do It Yourself” Tax Resolution? Consumer Team Interviews Attorney Nick Nemeth
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