Instances When Your Tax Return Can Trigger a Closer Look From The IRS

A closer look at IRS

The lower number of IRS audits and the agency’s shrinking staff leads many to believe that the risk of getting audited has diminished. Yet, as your Dallas-Fort Worth tax attorney can tell you, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Through automated processes, the IRS continues to keep close tabs on your tax returns. Any suspicious data can be enough to motivate the IRS to make inquiries, which can eventually lead to an audit. If you want to make sure your tax return is filed without any questions asked, read on! In this blog post, we’ll share the most common

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A Guide to Dealing with Back Taxes

Whenever you don’t pay your taxes, back taxes accumulate. Essentially back taxes are any previous taxes that haven’t been paid in time. As time passes, penalties and interest also pile on, making the overall debt grow significantly. Thankfully, those struggling with growing back tax debts have many ways to regain control over the situation. Alternatives such as the IRS Offer in Compromise, installment agreements, and penalty abatement can be great solutions depending on the specifics of your case. In today’s post, we explore each back tax resolution option to help you select the best one. Solutions for Back Taxes No

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Your Rights When Wages Are Garnished

Understanding Wage Garnishment in Texas

It is possible to lose your wages to your creditor, depending on the situation, through wage garnishment. Wage garnishment is when your employer withholds a portion of your wage in order to pay off your debt. Owing back taxes to the IRS is one of the reasons why your wages can be put at risk. However, even if your IRS problems result in wage garnishment, there are certain limits that must be respected. A wage garnishment lawyer is best placed to help you protect your rights when facing wage garnishment in Texas or any other place. IRS Wage Garnishment When

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All You Need To Know About The Innocent Spouse Tax Provision

Need to know about innocent spouse relief

If you and your spouse file joint tax returns, you are both equally liable for your taxes. In other words, the IRS can collect payment from both of you. Even if you are currently no longer married, your responsibility for any tax liability doesn’t change. However, there are certain situations under which you can get IRS debt help through innocent spouse relief. If you are wondering whether this is a possible solution for you, read the blog post below! Related Blog: Get Rid of a Tax Lien from Your Credit Report and Property What Is Innocent Spouse Tax Relief? If

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IRS Debt Relief: Do’s and Don’ts

Do's and Don'ts of IRS Debt Relief

Have standing debt with the IRS and finding it difficult to pay it off? When dealing with serious IRS debt, you must consider settlement as it is a simple way to get out of the sticky situation. Negotiating to pay less than what you owe provides quick IRS debt relief for many taxpayers. The big question is whether or not debt settlement is really the best IRS debt relief avenue. The advice shared in this blog will help you know how to best work through your IRS debt problems. Do’s And Don’ts of IRS Debt Relief Do Consider The Impact

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5 Mistakes To Avoid While Filing Unfiled Tax Returns

Understanding What To Do With Unfiled Tax Returns

Making mistakes when filing unfiled tax returns isn’t something to avoid at all costs. Erroneous tax returns have real consequences. A simple mistake can lead to a higher amount of outstanding taxes or penalties and interest. Some mistakes in unfiled tax returns can even keep you from receiving a full tax refund. In some cases, inaccuracies in your return will motivate the IRS to carry out an audit. Here are 5 mistakes to avoid when filing unfiled tax returns. Mistakes to Avoid Carefully filing your unfiled tax returns is the best way to prevent problems with the IRS. Getting professional

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A Brief Guide To IRS Tax Investigations

Things you should know about IRS Tax Investigations

There are many reasons why the IRS might start a tax investigation. Anything from tax fraud to a simple mistake on your return can result in an audit. Depending on the findings, the situation may evolve into a criminal investigation. Many people don’t even realize they’re at fault pertaining to their taxes until they are informed about an ongoing IRS tax investigation. If you find yourself in such a situation, seeking help from a tax resolution attorney is key to pulling yourself out of the situation. The best way to approach an IRS tax investigation is with the help of

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Do I Qualify Under Reasonable Cause for Penalty Abatement?

Reasonable Cause for Penalty Abatement

Have you been hit with IRS penalties and interest? If your standing debt with the IRS has started to cause you trouble, it’s time to act. Especially if your debt is a result of what the IRS deems a reasonable cause. Seeking IRS penalty abatement and debt relief sooner, rather than later, will boost your chances of successfully finding a favorable resolution. Reasonable Cause IRS Penalty Abatement One of the common types of IRS penalty abatement is known as Reasonable Cause Abatement. This type of abatement of penalties and interest is granted only when you can prove to the IRS

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How to Approach the IRS Office Of Appeals

How to file an appeal with IRS?

As taxpayers, we all look for ways to save on our IRS tax burden through investments, rebates, and concessions. Despite all such measures, as law-abiding citizens, we need to pay what’s due. The issue arises when the figure you have arrived at doesn’t match the claim of the IRS. That’s when the IRS Office of Appeals steps in. Contrary to common misconception, getting a discrepancy resolved through the IRS Office of Appeals isn’t a tedious legal rigmarole. The Office of Appeals is an independent body that helps taxpayers resolve any unfair seizure of assets or any tax disputes fairly without

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Small Business Tips To Handle Tax Liens

Tips to handle tax liens

As a small business owner, there are a lot of responsibilities you need to handle on the daily. Among your many duties, filing and paying your taxes every year is one of the most important ones. Failing to meet your taxing obligations with the IRS will eventually lead to penalties and sanctions one of which is the dreaded tax lien. If, despite your best efforts, you’ve made a mistake and received bad news from the IRS, don’t despair. By getting informed and soliciting professional tax lien assistance, you can navigate your way out of tax problems such as a tax

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