Benefits of IRS Expanded Voice Bot Options

Improving taxpayer experience

When calling customer service departments of different businesses, you will deal with bots most of the time. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has also decided to adopt voice and chat bots-based interaction features for two of its specialist toll-free telephone service lines. The bot-based services are going to be introduced across more verticals in the near future. The move, which is a component of the IRS Taxpayer Experience Strategy, aims to enhance the quality of interactions between the IRS and taxpayers by supplying more information through the use of cutting-edge technology solutions like AI-powered voice and chatbots. The facility will

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What You Need to Know About a ‘Notice of Intent to Offset’

tax season alerts

Did you know that approximately 11.23 million Americans failed to pay their taxes on time during the coronavirus pandemic? This translates to $125 billion of unpaid taxes. From the government’s point of view, a lack of revenue means it can’t invest in important national developmental programs. In an attempt to recover unpaid taxes, it sends a Notice of Intent to Offset to taxpayers who default on their payments. Taxpayers in Dallas can turn to tax lawyers like Nick Nemeth for solutions to IRS tax problems such as being the recipient of a Notice of Intent to Offset. In this blog,

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3 Ways to Stop an IRS Tax Levy

How to prevent IRS Tax Levy

If you owe taxes to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), there are a number of reasons for you to be anxious. You never know when the IRS might put a levy on your assets to recover the outstanding amount. While it is a worrisome scenario, there are ways you can stop or get rid of an IRS tax levy. The best way to prevent such a situation is to pay your taxes on time. If you find yourself the subject of a tax lien, the first thing you should do is hire an IRS tax attorney. If you are a

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All You Need to Know About Letters from the IRS

About Letters from the IRS

Nobody wants to have to deal with the IRS, especially if they are on the wrong side of the Tax Code. However, situations may arise when you must deal with the government agency or risk facing penalties. The IRS sends out notices for a variety of reasons including unfiled tax returns. In this blog, we are going to discuss all you need to know about letters from the IRS. Identifying if the letter is genuinely from the IRS First of all, you need to make sure that the letter you have received is really from the IRS. There are a

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A Taxpayer’s Guide to Late Tax Filing

Penalty for Late Filing Income Tax Returns

Filing your taxes on time is always important to avoid getting into any kind of trouble with the IRS. While this is the most ideal scenario, there are times when taxpayers find themselves filing late, sometimes even for several tax years. If you find yourselves in a situation whereby you are filing late or haven’t filed in a few years, it is important to know how to proceed. Working with a proven Dallas IRS attorney is the best way to get everything right as there are quite a few debt relief avenues such as IRS offers in compromise, IRS penalty

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IRS Debt Relief: How The IRS Assesses Your Ability to Pay

how does the IRS assess your ability to pay outstanding taxes?

Being unable to pay off outstanding taxes can be quite stressful as everyone is well aware of the dire consequences that may arise when the IRS decides to enforce collection measures. This does not mean that the IRS always goes hard on defaulters as there are avenues to get IRS debt relief. The IRS presents debt help facilities such as IRS penalty abatement, IRS tax installment agreement, and offers in compromise to taxpayers that are unable to fulfill their tax obligations for one reason or the other. The big question is, ‘how does the IRS assess your ability to pay

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All You Need to Know About an IRS Tax Settlement

Understanding IRS Tax Settlement

Being the subject of an IRS tax investigation can be the stuff of nightmares. You must seek immediate help from a Dallas tax attorney that has experience providing IRS tax problems resolutions. The IRS offers tax debt settlement options that make it easy to manage outstanding taxes. Accessing an IRS tax settlement is as simple as filling out the necessary paperwork and submitting to the IRS. A Dallas tax attorney can discuss your case with the IRS, and help make sure that you opt for the right tax relief option and file everything correctly. In this blog, we are going

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Is It Possible to Get Jail Time For Defaulting on Your Taxes?

Possibility of Taxpayers

It is common knowledge that the IRS doesn’t take kindly to violations of the Tax Code such as failure to pay taxes as and when they fall due. Generally, taxpayers do not get arrested if they don’t pay their taxes, but failing to file returns is an arrestable offense. The arrest, however, won’t happen unless the taxpayer has been intentionally evading the IRS while owing a lot of money. The best way to avoid such a scenario in the event that you can’t pay what you owe is to seek the assistance of an experienced IRS tax attorney. Leading IRS

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Guide to Handling a Tax Lien on Your Home

Understanding Tax Lien

There’s nothing more frustrating than the IRS putting a tax lien on your home. This is one of the worst IRS tax problems that a taxpayer can face. No matter your financial situation, the IRS may end up putting a lien on your property if you have tax debt. The best way to avoid a lien is to get up-to-date with your taxes or apply for a suitable IRS debt relief program. Dallas IRS attorneys can provide you with the best help when seeking IRS tax problems resolution pertaining to a tax lien. In this blog, we are going to

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Can a Taxpayer Have 2 IRS Installment Agreements?

Payment Plans Installment Agreements

The Internal Review Service (IRS) offers several debt relief options for taxpayers that are facing difficulty paying outstanding taxes. While available options include OIC (Offer in Compromise) and CNC (Currently Non-Collectible), an Installment Agreement (IA) remains the most widely preferred option. It’s worth remembering that an IA doesn’t actually forgive your debt but allows taxpayers to pay outstanding taxes over a set period of time. For taxpayers with unfiled tax returns, an installment agreement happens to be the easiest option to qualify as compared to other IRS debt forgiveness programs. We recommend that you consult with a Dallas tax lawyer

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