Short Film “Esperanza” Wins Emmy Award For Outstanding Topical Documentary

Esperanza, a short documentary film, has earned the distinction of winning an Emmy® for the Outstanding Topical Documentary category.

Orlando, FL – February 10, 2014 –  Founding law practice partner and acclaimed Dallas IRS tax lawyer Nick Nemeth, together with other attorneys at the firm, are proud to announce that their short film documentary Esperanza has earned an Emmy® Award for the category Outstanding Topical Documentary. Nick Nemeth was co-executive producer for the film, and Nick Nanton also received an Emmy nomination for his role as the Director and Producer of the short film. The award was announced during the Emmy® Ceremony on November 24, 2013, which was held in Miami, Fla.

The short documentary film Esperanza is an inspirational story based on true events. While catcher for the Seattle Mariners Dave Valle played winter ball in 1985 he played in the Dominican Republic, and the experience was an eye opener for him.  When young children swarmed the ball player Valle soon realized that an autograph was not what the kids wanted, instead they were hoping for food because they were starving. As Dave looked around he realized that the children at the ball park were not the only ones who lacked sufficient food, the villages situated around the ballpark were stricken by extreme poverty.

After Dave Valle had this experience it opened his eyes to the poverty and destitution that the villagers lived with every day. Dave made a pact with his wife Vicky that they would return to the Dominican Republic and try to make a difference in the lives of the locals. This was the moment that Esperanza was started.

Esperanza is a film documentary that showcases the organization Esperanza International. This organization is dedicated to freeing children, and by extension their families, from the devastating and destructive cycle of poverty. Esperanza International uses initiatives which help with income generation, they promote better health and education among poverty stricken residents, and they hope to restore a sense of dignity and self worth for those who have lost all hope due to the relentless poverty that they have experienced so far in life. The documentary provides an in depth look at the incredible story behind Esperanza International, and it shows what is possible when people believe strongly enough and take action to realize their dream.

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