Kind Words From Our Clients

My husband and I are procrastinators. We kept putting off the IRS when letters were sent to us. We owed 5 years of back taxes. We got a letter stating that we were about to go into collection. We would lose our home, our vehicles, our bank account and worst of all my social security check. Our case was resolved with IRS and we are very satisfied with how everything worked out. Thanks again to everyone. .

Thank you for the resolution of my family's tax dispute with the IRS. After much diligence and hard work by your office, the IRS agreed to withdraw a penalty related to my taxes. In particular Elizabeth Kirby did an outstanding job overseeing our appeal and keeping us up to date on the progress during this very unsettling process. Thank you for your hard work. .

When I first came to Nick’s office I had a local IRS agent contacting me, and owed approximately $80,000.00 to the IRS. Nick laid our explicitly what he could and couldn’t do for me. We requested relief from the penalties the IRS added to my liability. They agreed to take all penalties away! The Law Office of Nick Nemeth saved me time, money and worry. I highly commend this firm because of the team approach. Their work, effort and constant communication was amazing. .

Whatever your circumstances are that brought you to the Nick Nemeth offices, whether it be that you got behind financially, things happened in your life that made it so overwhelming, that it made you not even care anymore, or you just gave up because you thought there was no way out; You came to the right place. Nick, and the other great professionals at his office, will take care of your IRS problems. You will be able to get your life back on track, so you can do the things you have always wanted to do, without your IRS issues holding you back. You can live life again without worry.

Nick, Brittany and Ryan were able to take my approximately $168,000 liability and settle it for $11,400.

What this team did for me was amazing and I can’t thank them enough. Now, I am able to do anything in life again, because this huge burden is now behind me, and I am now free again.

Thank you again Nick, Brittany, Ryan and the rest of the team at the Law Offices of Nick Nemeth. .

This letter has been well over do, but for a good reason. When I stepped into your office on the afternoon of July 29, 2011, I was uncertain of my future with the dark cloud of the IRS raining over me. During our meeting there were so many emotions running through my mind and body while absorbing every bit of information you gave me, I walked out of there thinking "I have messed up so badly, I will never see the light of day again". On September 16, 2011, I signed the POA and Retainer contract and delivered my first of four retainer payments. Four months later we began the process of filing past returns, and boy, was that a journey in itself! Having a dig back and do amended returns, along with filing 5 years of past returns, again having to find all of the information to do so; it was a grueling process. Later compiling financial statements in preparation to file the OIC. Finally in May of 2012 we did just that! But, to my dismay, it was rejected. I was beside myself! But your team held my hand every step of the way and reassured me it will be fine, we just had more work to do. They always helped me regain my faith in you and your entire team, and the process. Right at the brink of the nervous breakdown, I received my first glimpse of a light, on April 24, 2013, my offer was accepted! With that, came the reality of 23 payments that I was so worried about making! But I did it! Again, with your awesome team having confidence in me and the relationship you have with the IRS, it was my goal as much as yours for me to make those payments and succeed. Today, I have the pleasure of sharing the sun is finally through and that cloud is gone! I made my final payment on February 25, 2016 and received my LETTER OF COMPLETION on March 12, 2016, attached. AND I HAVE YOU ALL TO THANK FOR IT! I have paid $38.402 on a text debt of approximately $1600.000! I waited until the end to send this letter to prove to others and myself this really did work out!

My advice to those who walk into your office in such despair; Keep your chin up, listen to Nick and his team, and you will prevail! It's a long road, but I assure you CAN sleep at night knowing you have an amazing team of experts fighting your battle for you; I just didn't realize it at the time, please don't lose sleep. As long as you uphold your part of the bargain, they will upload theirs. Stay confident, keep faith, and the rest will work itself out.

Thank you, Nick and everyone, for all of your hard work and fighting the good fight for me! I will be forever grateful!!! .

Last year my husband and I ware in in the midst of a 2 month long wage garnishment that was leaving his biweekly paycheck at less than $100. And even though I worked also, he was our primary bread winner .we contacted the IRS ourselves several times regarding the back taxes they said we owed ,the lien they had placed on us, the years of tax returns we had not filed and this wage garnishment ,but were unsuccessful in getting anything resolved.

It seems as though it would take us the rest of our lives to pay the almost $300,000.00 they claimed we owed. In desperation, we turned to your office for help.

Almost immediately, the garnishment was stopped a payment plan was established.

Sound simple huh?

Far from it!!

But with the help of you and your staff (Primarily RYAN) we began working through this mess!!

This not-so-simple process involved prayers, sleepless nights, huge arguments, meetings at your office and countless phone calls with RYAN.

In the ensuring month Ryan and I spoke almost daily. And never once did i feel avoided. Never once did I feel like just another clients. He return every phone call.
He answered every question, no matter how silly or small. He made it possible for my husband and I to trust in this process and in your Nick. He made us believe this could be fixed!!

Before we contacted your office, I could never have imagined that one day, I would able to say that we had completed our payment and plan, the large lien had been removed and were are current on our taxes. That what seemed impossible has been accomplished,

But only 6 month later, I can say that!!

Final Tally: legal fees, garnishments and monthly payments totaled a mere 8% of the original tax bill.

We give a big heartfelt THANK YOU to the law office of Nick Nemeth and to Ryan for all you have done for us. We know it would not have been possible without you  .