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Serious IRS problems deserve a lawyer’s attention. We are based in Dallas-Fort Worth and focus our practice in our local community. We are not a national chain of tax relief offices. When a DFW client seeks our help, they get a DFW tax law firm; not a national company made up of non-lawyers which may be based across the country. We solve IRS problems helping individual taxpayers and businesses get absolute peace of mind.

We have experience dealing with the IRS, and, over the years, have developed relationships that make us the tax resolution attorney of choice in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We help you navigate the tax code and always seek outcomes that are favorable to the taxpayer in every situation.  Get the IRS tax help you deserve  in Dallas – Fort Worth or throughout the state of Texas.

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    Services Offered by Our Dallas Tax Lawyers

    The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth is a Dallas tax law firm that is highly experienced in resolving most types of IRS problems. We have a proven record of successfully representing thousands of taxpayers and businesses in disputes with the IRS in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We are your trusted Dallas tax attorney when looking for assistance with a variety of issues. Our tax resolution attorneys cater to everyone from individual taxpayers to multi-million dollar corporations, helping them avoid the traps, pitfalls and numerous complexities of the IRS tax system. The tax help we provide in Dallas or Fort Worth includes:


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    Talk to a Seasoned IRS Tax Attorney in Dallas

    The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth offers comprehensive solutions to all your IRS tax problems in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.

    IRS Debt Relief in Dallas

    Our tax relief attorneys work with taxpayers to help them get out of sticky situations. We help you explore debt relief avenues such as offers in compromise, abatement of penalties, IRS installment agreements, IRS fresh start initiative, and innocent spouse tax relief.


    Unfiled Taxes in Dallas

    Have unfiled tax returns? Our experience is available to help you. Our tax debt lawyers work with you and the IRS to file all outstanding returns and mitigate any negative consequences of late filing.  The sooner you take action with respect to unfiled taxes, the better the outcome!


    Tax Liens and Levies in Dallas

    We offer some of the best IRS tax lien assistance in Dallas-Fort Worth. We can help you protect your property from tax liens, which is easier than getting one removed after it’s filed. We also help countless numbers of taxpayers get tax liens removed from their property by pleading their case with the IRS.


    IRS Payroll Taxes in Dallas

    Payroll taxes represent one of the most pressing challenges for businesses. Our IRS attorneys help organizations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area stay in compliance with payroll tax law and resolve any issues that may arise.   We offer IRS payroll tax help that includes assisting individuals that are the target of the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty with respect to payroll taxes owed.


    Nick Nemeth Reviews

    For 7 years I have attempted to negotiate with the IRS. I showed up in front of a man named Nick Nemeth. I told him my story. I owed $47,000.00 to the IRS, with only Social Security income. This soft-spoken gentleman, lawyer was exact and to the point. These are tears of joy! The IRS took my Offer In Compromise of $10.00. Let me repeat that, 10 dollars! Nick, you and your awesome, friendly, personable and professional staff created an unbelievable miracle in my eyes! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

    Bardy S., Cedar Park, TX
    Bardy S., Cedar Park, TX

    The amount of unpaid taxes, penalties and interest grew to over $160,00.00. I had multiple tax liens filed against me. The problem continued spinning out of control. I had the pleasure of sitting down and meeting with Nick Nemeth personally. He listened to my problems, he understood the situation because it's not new to him, and he's seen it all before. He was able to save me $115,000.00 in back taxes that were wiped out completely. I owe it all to Nick and his incredible staff.

    Jeff L., Dallas, TX
    Jeff L., Dallas, TX

    Thank you so much for taking on our complicated and messy IRS tax issue. Our $100,000.00 debt was constantly before us; but your knowledge of the law was the shield that protected us from the crushing weight of the IRS. Today we received our Offer In Compromise fro $4,410.20. It was as though the weight of the world was lifted from our shoulders and we could breathe in fresh air once again. You showed us what trust and care look like. THANK YOU.

    C and Dianna C., Denton, TX
    C and Dianna C., Denton, TX

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    Services Key Highlights

    Experienced Tax Attorney in Dallas

    Experienced Tax Attorney in Dallas

    Experience makes all the difference when looking for positive outcomes with the IRS. We bring decades of IRS tax resolution experience in Dallas to the table.


    Personalized Tax Help in Dallas

    Personalized Tax Help in Dallas

    We get to the bottom of each individual case and create a personalized solution plan to pursue the best courses of action to resolve each client’s specific problems. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions when dealing with IRS tax problems in all locations in Dallas and Fort Worth. 


    Absolute Peace of Mind

    Absolute Peace of Mind

    IRS tax problems can be the source of great worry and stress. Finding the best resolution to your IRS tax issues brings much-needed peace of mind.


    Total Commitment and Care

    Total Commitment and Care

    Our team of IRS tax lawyers leave no stone unturned to find the best resolution to your IRS issue. We help build and plead your case with the IRS and keep you informed of all the developments every step of the way.   


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