IRS Problems in Dallas TX

ProblemsWhen you have an issue that is grave enough to take your bank account, your paycheck and even your liquid assets, you know there is no room for procrastination. If you have found yourself at odds with the IRS, you need an expert to guide the way out. That’s when we come into the picture. The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth, aims to help individuals and businesses in Dallas, Fort Worth TX and nearby areas with all type of tax debt problems, no matter how complex.

Common IRS Issues We Can Help With

Unfiled Tax Returns

The IRS can come down heavily on taxpayers for delinquent tax filings, even if it’s the first instance and unintentional. We help individuals and businesses living in Dallas, Fort Worth TX and nearby areas find out which tax returns  the IRS needs when it prepares missing tax returns for taxpayers. Learn more

IRS Tax Investigations

Our experienced tax attorneys help you get access to your tax records without raising a red flag with the IRS. Our tax lawyers also help you understand the contents of your tax report and determine the time period for which the IRS may come after you for unpaid taxes. Read more

IRS Appeals

If you have received a final notice of intent to levy do not waste any time in getting in touch with our office and make an appointment. That’s because the issue is time sensitive. The sooner you get into action the better it will be for your appeal. Read more

Payroll Tax Problems

If a business fails to file payroll taxes, the IRS is authorized to sell its assets, or impose the “Trust Fund Recovery” penalty on those who were responsible for withholding the taxes but failed to do so. Our seasoned tax attorneys, can help resolve all such issues. Read more.

IRS Tax Lien

The IRS can issue a federal lien against taxpayers for unpaid taxes, gaining the right to their property, including real estate, financial estates, and vehicles. The only way to get rid of a tax lien is work with a professional tax lawyer and get help with lien discharge and subordination. Read More

Revenue Officer Investigation

When a revenue officer calls or visits you for an IRS tax related issue it means something is seriously wrong. Do not procrastinate as it may worsen your stand. Contact The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth to get an expert tax attorney for negotiating a resolution. Read More

Bank Levies, Wage Levies or Garnishments

A levy is one of the most effective tools the IRS can use to collect outstanding taxes. Different types of levies have different repercussions. Bank levies, for instance, allows the IRS to freeze bank accounts. In the case of wage levies or garnishments, the IRS notifies the employers to withhold a part of the taxpayer’s salary to pay for their outstanding taxes. Read More

Let Us Own Your IRS Problems

Whether living in Dallas, Fort Worth TX or nearby areas, If you have unpaid taxes, bank levies, wage levies, or any other IRS tax problem that is making you lose your sleep, do not prolong the agony. Let us help you devise a plan to bring back your peace of mind. To learn more about how we can help, get in touch with The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth for a FREE no-obligation consultation. You can reach us at (972) 426-2553. Alternatively, fill out the Free Case Evaluation Form and we’ll get back to you, shortly.