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Welcome to, the virtual face of The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth. Led by Nick Nemeth, an acclaimed IRS tax attorney with more than 20 years of experience and author of two bestselling books on IRS issues and resolutions, we are a team committed to helping individuals dealing with all sorts of IRS related troubles. Whether you have received a notice for nonpayment of taxes or wish to request a monthly payment plan to the IRS to clear your tax liability, we are ideally positioned to help. Since inception, we have helped release countless individuals in Houston and nearby areas from the deadlock of IRS problems, saving them from having to run from pillar to post. If you are looking for an IRS attorney serving Houston, Texas to help with your issue, look no further than the Law Office of Nick Nemeth. Equipped with extensive experience and in-depth understanding of IRS tax laws, our IRS lawyer Nick Nemeth can help guide the way out of any type of IRS tax-related trouble.

Professional IRS Tax Services for Houston Texas

A trusted name for IRS tax services in the Houston area, we, at the Law Offices of Nick Nemeth, understand the significance of having deep domain expertise, which clearly reflects in our comprehensive services portfolio. Though it is natural for people lose their sleep once they find themselves on the wrong foot with the IRS, the good news is, there is always a way out, provided one is willing to take the first step, which is to call our office and schedule your free consultation. Here’s an overview of all that we can help you with:

IRS Problems

There are various scenarios in which you can find yourself at the receiving end of an IRS, depending on various factors such as the amount owed, the period of nonpayment, changes in the income of taxpayers, and other dynamics. Here are some of the problems our team of IRS lawyers in Houston can help you with:

Unfiled Tax Returns/Back Taxes
Whether you have missed filing your taxes for the first time, missed filing your taxes unintentionally, or have been unable to file due to financial circumstances, the IRS can come down heavily on you. Our IRS tax lawyers can help you identify the root of the problem and find your way out of the problem.

IRS Tax Investigations
If you wish to access your tax records but have not requested the info due the fear of putting yourself under the lens of the IRS, we can help you get the desired info without raising a red flag and also help you understand the contents of your tax filing report.

Bank Levies, Wage Levies and Garnishment
Imposing a levy on tax defaulter’s bank accounts or wage is one of the most serious measures the IRS may exercise to collect outstanding taxes. If your bank account has been frozen or your employer has received a wage garnishment notice, contact us for help.

IRS Appeals
Receiving a final notice of intent to levy commands your immediate attention as any delay in response can work against you. If you have received this notice, do not waste any time in getting in touch with our IRS attorney and booking an appointment.

Payroll Problems

Failure to file payroll taxes can lead to an array of undesirable consequences. In such scenarios, the IRS seizes property and sell your organization’s assets or impose “Trust Fund Recovery” penalty. Our IRS attorneys can help you find your way out of this trouble.

IRS Tax Lien
Unpaid taxes, if ignored for long enough, can lead to a federal lien that authorizes the IRS to confiscate the defaulter’s assets, such as real estate property, financial assets, and automobiles. That’s when you need the help of an IRS tax lawyer.

Revenue Officer Investigation

Receiving a call from an IRS Revenue Officer for a tax-related issue is a warning that you simply cannot afford to ignore. If an officer has called or visited you, do not waste any time in consulting one of our IRS tax lawyers, to help negotiate a resolution. Call us to schedule your free consultation.

IRS Debt Relief

Inability to pay IRS taxes doesn’t have to mean the taxpayer has to face the wrath of the IRS, no matter whether they are Houston or any other part of Texas. Though the IRS is extremely strict with nonpayment of dues, it does have a number of provisions to help taxpayers who are struggling to pay their dues. Here are the avenues taxpayers have to manage their liability:

Offer in Compromise
Offer in Compromise, or OIC for short, is one of the many provisions the IRS has to help taxpayers who have been unable to pay their dues, despite having the intent to do so. Get in touch with one of attorneys to find out how the provision can help you.

Installment Agreement
Wish to pay your unpaid taxes but unable to pay the entire sum? The IRS has a provision for you. As the name suggests, IRS Installment Agreement allows financially-distressed taxpayers to pay their outstanding dues through monthly installments.

Innocent Spouse Tax Relief
When married couples file joint return to get the benefits they follow, their liabilities also get clubbed. Innocent Spouse Tax Relief is a provision offered by that IRS, which protects the innocent spouse in case the other spouse does not pay their taxes.

Abatement of Penalties & Interest
In some cases, the IRS may remove certain penalties and interest levied on a taxpayer, provided there are just reasons due to which the taxpayer could not pay the outstanding amount. We can help you get possible penalties and interest removed, call our office now to see if you qualify.

Currently Non-Collectible Status
Currently Non-Collectible Status is a provision that a taxpayer can exercise if they are able to prove to the IRS that paying their outstanding taxes would lead to “financial hardship”. Our IRS tax attorneys, with a deep understanding of the provision, can guide the way.

Fresh Start Initiatives
Fresh Start Initiative is a set of provisions the IRS has to help financially-distressed taxpayers, who have been unable to pay their taxes due to unavoidable reason. Our IRS lawyers can assess the dynamics of your case, and guide you in the right direction.

Hire an Experienced IRS Attorney Serving Houston Texas

Avoiding or delaying action on an IRS tax related trouble will only worsen the situation. If you have received any notice or have been visited by an IRS agent, do not waste any time in contacting our team of attorneys. Over the years, we have successfully helped thousands of individuals in dealing with unpaid taxes and IRS penalties, and would love an opportunity to continue the trend with you. To book an appointment with an IRS attorney serving Houston, simply call (972) 627-4580 or fill out our contact form and we will take it from there.

IRS Tax Attorney Serving Houston Texas
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