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IRS taxation is a complex maze that often leaves people struggling with keeping in line with applicable regulations, pushing them over the wrong side of the fence. That is when they need a team of experienced IRS tax lawyers, such as The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth. We take the time to understand every detail of your case and make sure you get the best possible resolution based on the dynamics involved. Whether you are looking for assistance with unfiled tax returns or need an attorney to be by your side during a an IRS tax investigation, we have got you covered. Since inception, we have been committed to helping individuals and organizations in Fort Worth, Dallas, Houston and all over Texas, deal with IRS problems and come up with an effective course of action. In short, no matter the type of tax help you need in Fort Worth, the search ends at The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth.

We Defend Because We Care

We, at The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth, believe that legal representation is a basic right of every individual, which explains our relentless efforts to ensure favorable outcomes for our clients, regardless of the complexity of their IRS tax problems. All members of our team carry extensive experience and a thorough understanding of IRS tax laws, which enable us address all sorts of issues related to IRS taxation and help obtain the IRS debt relief needed by our clients in the Fort Worth area. We analyze every detail of the specific case to create a comprehensive strategy to represent our clients, getting them out of all sorts of IRS tax problems with the minimum possible disruption in their lives. Every member of our team is committed to ensuring our clients get a feasible resolution to their IRS problems.

Every IRS Trouble Has a Solution

When up against a legal issue, many people lose hope, which pulls them further down the spiral and often aggravates the consequences of their issue. Though it is true that the sooner you act, the lesser will be the damage, it is is never “too late” and no mountain is too high to climb. With the right approach and knowledge, you can find your way out of IRS problems and resurrect your credit profile. In short, every IRS problem has a solution. We leverage a deep domain knowledge to find appropriate solutions to the problems of our clients, helping them get rid of the burden and start rebuilding their credit profile.

Practice Areas

IRS Debt Relief

We understand that sometimes, despite best efforts, it can be impossible to pay the taxes owed to the IRS. In such scenarios, we plan and help obtain a debt relief, to help our clients get rid of their liability. Learn more

Offer in Compromise

If an individual wants to clear their IRS debt, but is unable to do so due to justifiable financial constraints, they may qualify for an Offer in Compromise – an IRS debt relief program – and pay less than they originally owed. Learn more

IRS Tax Installment Agreement

In certain cases, the IRS may allow tax defaulters to pay off their liabilities in affordable installments. The provision is called IRS Tax Installment Agreement and we can help you use it to your benefit. Learn more

Innocent Spouse Tax Relief

Many a time, people are charged taxes on the income and/or assets of their ex-spouse. In such scenarios, they can disavow the liability by proving they are no longer with their partner. If unsure, we can guide the way. Learn more

Abatement of Penalties & Interest

Although the IRS has more than a few provisions for taxpayers, when it unleashes its fury, the damage can be grave. Our IRS attorneys can help penalized taxpayers get the penalties and interest dropped, if they qualify. Read more

Currently Non-Collectible Status

Obtaining Currently Non-Collectible status puts all collection activities on hold, and gives taxpayers the time they need to work out a resolution with the IRS. We can help you leverage the provision, if meet the qualification criteria. Ream more

IRS Fresh Start Initiative

We, The Law Office of Nick Nemeth, firmly believe that everyone deserves a second chance. Aligned with the ideology, we not only help our clients reduce of their tax liabilities, but can also help them make the most of IRS Fresh Start Initiative. Read more

Why Choose Us?

Over the years, the Law Offices of Nick Nemeth has made its way among the most trusted names in the field of IRS taxation advocacy, helping countless individuals and businesses find their way out of IRS problems. If, however, you still have any doubts over which IRS attorney to choose, here are a few of our distinctions to help you make up your mind:

  • Comprehensive Expertise
  • Extensively Experienced Attorney- Nick Nemeth
  • Collaborative Approach- We treat every client as family and friends
  • Easy, Flat Rate Payment Plans

Let Us Own Your IRS Worries!

Whether you are in Fort Worth, Dallas, Houston, or any Texas city, we have got you covered. If you or someone you know is dealing with an IRS tax debt  issue, schedule an appointment with one of our lawyers by filling out our contact form, or simply call ((972) 484-0829 and schedule your free, no obligation, consultation with Attorney Nick Nemeth.  We also provides free phone consultations as well.