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Who is Nick Nemeth?

The Attorney

Nick Nemeth, a name synonymous with IRS debt resolution excellence, is a graduate of the University of North Texas who prides himself on being a Texan. He attended Texas A&M School of Law, formerly known as Texas Wesleyan School of Law. In addition to being a member of the State Bar of Texas, Nick is admitted to practice before the United States Tax Court and the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

Nick has been an attorney for more than 20 years. He has in depth experience in helping individuals and businesses with diverse IRS tax issues. With his extensive experience, he has garnered the knowledge and skills necessary to negotiate with the Internal Revenue Service and he possesses a laudable consistency of successful legal representation. Another part of Nick’s success is attributable to his unwavering passion for solving IRS problems.


The Person

It may be surprising to know that Nick was actually born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and also spent his teen years playing squash. He jokes and says, “Squash is just a fancy version of racquetball”. Nick earned the title of National Squash Champion in the early eighties. He also played on the Canadian National Squash team, competing in the World Championships in Sweden in 1981.  According to Nick, “Canada is beautiful, but I longed for warmer weather and headed south”.

When Nick is not in the office sharing his expertise, he is usually mentoring his two sons; one of which is currently starting his career in law and the other is working on his second graduate degree in Marine biology at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.  Family is at the core of all the values important to Nick.

Nick Nemeth – Biography

The Author

Nick is a best-selling author who is regularly featured in mainstream media, including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, USA Today, CNN, CBS Moneywatch, and various radio stations throughout North Texas. He has co-authored two bestsellers: “Protect and Defend: Proven Strategies from America’s Leading Attorneys to Help you Protect and Defend Your Business, Family and Wealth”, and “SUCCESSONOMICS” – written in collaboration with Steve Forbes.

Nick Nemeth has joined a select group of entrepreneurs from around the world to co-write the book, “Professional Performance 360 Special Edition: SUCCESS”. Nick contributed a chapter titled, “Overcoming Obstacles that Stand in the Way of Success” which was released on September 19, 2016 and hit two best-seller lists.

The Leader

Nick is the founder and the driving force behind ‘The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth, PLLC’. His firm is regarded as the go to source for IRS tax help in Texas. Nick  has been a licensed attorney since 1998 and his firm focuses solely on helping individuals and businesses resolve IRS problems. The law firm is propelled by a committed staff with a proven track record. Nick and his staff offer a comprehensive folio of services to address Federal IRS tax problems. The firm’s core competencies include, but are not limited to:

Unfiled Tax Returns Offers in Compromise Corporate Tax Issues
IRS Tax Investigations Penalty & Interest Abatement Payroll Tax Issues
IRS Tax Lien Assistance Revenue Officer Assistance Business Tax Audits
Bank & Wage Levies IRS Installment Agreements Spouse Tax Relief

Nick and his support staff work relentlessly to provide tax relief to clients by negotiating with the Internal Revenue Service. Additionally, the firm provides services such as currently non-collectible status for taxpayers who do not have the  financial resources to pay off their tax debts. As a result of continued excellence, the team receives countless client testimonials  every year.

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