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IRS troubles, more often than not, come unannounced with most people finding themselves at a loss about how to find their way out of the problem. While some taxpayers procrastinate and do not take any action until the problem has spiraled out of control, others rely on inaccurate online information, both of which can make things worse. When up against an IRS problem, you need the guidance of an experienced IRS tax attorney such as Nick Nemeth. The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth has been helping individuals deal with all sorts of IRS problems for over 20 years. Whether you need assistance with liens or levies, unfiled tax return, IRS tax investigation, settling an IRS debt, requesting a payment plan or any other IRS tax debt related need, we have got you covered.

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At the Law Offices of Nick Nemeth we understand that every IRS problem is unique and the right way forward depends on the specifics of the case. Thus, we work closely with our clients to understand the finer details of their cases. We leverage a deep knowledge of IRS tax laws to decide the most beneficial remedy for the problem. Over the years, we have helped countless individuals and businesses in Dallas deal with a wide range of tax problems from simple issues to extremely complicated tax problems. Our IRS tax attorneys take the time to conduct a thorough analysis of the situation and guide our clients every step of the way. In short, if you are looking for an IRS tax lawyer in Dallas, your search ends here.

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Comprehensive IRS Tax Services in Dallas

As the go-to destination for IRS tax help in Dallas, we provide comprehensive IRS tax services to address all conceivable IRS problems. Here is an overview of how we can help:

Customized Solutions for IRS Problems

It does not matter whether a taxpayer is a first-time offender, forgot to file, or simply couldn’t pay the IRS balances due, the IRS will eventually come after the taxpayer for what’s owed. Our seasoned IRS attorneys can create a tailored plan to help you make IRS problems a thing of the past.

Tax Return Investigation

Do not let the fear of raising a red flag with the IRS keep you from going ahead with an IRS tax return investigation. Our IRS lawyers in Dallas can help you access your tax records and get the desired information without raising any red flags.

Bank and Wage Levies

Imposing a bank levy or a wage garnishment on a taxpayer is one of the most serious measures the IRS may exercise to collect outstanding taxes. If your bank account has been frozen or your employer has received a wage garnishment, or you are simply worried that one may begin soon, contact us for help. Learn More


If you have received a final notice of intent to levy, contact our IRS tax Lawyers immediately. Any delay might cause you to forfeit certain appeal rights which may be available. Speak with our IRS attorneys to find a solution to the problem right away. Learn More

Payroll Issues

Every employer is responsible for filing and paying payroll taxes. Failing to properly account for payroll taxes may lead the IRS to take aggressive collection measures including seizing your assets. In some cases, the IRS may also impose the “Trust Fund Recovery” penalty personally against the individuals responsible for the problem. If you have a payroll problem at hand, our IRS attorneys can help.


If you have been ignoring your tax liabilities, the IRS can file a federal lien which is public record. Consult one of our IRS tax attorneys to learn more. Learn More

Revenue Officer Assignment

A notice of the assignment of a Revenue Officer is a red flag that requires your immediate attention. Should this happen, consult our IRS tax lawyers to decide the best course of action. Schedule your free consultation with our IRS attorneys in Dallas.

Debt Relief Options for Diverse Needs

Whether you missed a payment deadline due to negligence or did not have the means to pay the outstanding debt, it is never too late to start again and begin fixing your IRS problems. We believe everyone deserves a second chance which is why we leave no stone unturned to help our clients leverage the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code designed to help taxpayers who are unable to pay their liabilities. Here is an overview of all that we can help you with:

Offer in Compromise

The IRS has a number of provisions to help taxpayers who are unable to pay their liabilities despite intending to do so; one such option is the Offer in Compromises. Speak with one of our IRS attorneys in Dallas to learn more about this option.

Installment Agreement

If you want to pay off your liabilities but do not have enough money to pay the entire amount due, an installment agreement might be all that you need. The IRS Installment Agreement might be the solution that resolves an IRS problem for a taxpayer through monthly payments.

Innocent Spouse Tax Relief

When a married couple files a joint return, the tax liabilities fall on both individuals. If one spouse has been kept in the “dark” about their IRS tax liability, the innocent spouse might be eligible for ‘Innocent Spouse Tax Relief’.

Penalties & Interest

Penalties and interest might make up a substantial portion of what is owed. The IRS, under certain situations, may remove penalties and interest. Call our IRS attorney to see if you qualify.

Currently Non-Collectible Status

A taxpayer can exercise the provision of Currently Non-Collectible Status if they are able to prove that paying off their tax liabilities would cause a financial hardship. This process can often require full financial disclosures and complex paperwork. Simply call (972) 426-2553 or fill out our contact form and we will take it from there.

Fresh Start Initiative

In 2011, the Internal Revenue Service announced a series of new steps to help people get a fresh start with their tax liabilities. The program was known as the “Fresh Start Initiative.” The goal was to help individuals and small businesses meet their tax obligations, without adding unnecessary burden to taxpayers. Contact us immediately to explore how this might help you finally resolve your IRS problems.

Let Us Own Your IRS Tax Worries!

Stop spending sleepless nights, wondering what might happen next. It is time to take action and reclaim your future by resolving your IRS tax debt problem for good. To learn more about how we can help, get in touch with The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth for a FREE no-obligation consultation. You can reach us at (972) 426-2553. Alternatively, fill out the Free Case Evaluation Form and we’ll get back to you, shortly.

IRS Tax Attorney in Dallas Texas
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