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Come with an IRS Problem and Leave with a Smile

People with IRS problems don’t like to be judged. This is one of the biggest reasons people avoid meeting an IRS attorney. Doing this won’t solve the problem. Nick Nemeth and team make their clients feel at home so that they open up and share their problems in detail. If you are yet to meet us, do so without a delay because the sooner is the better.

Get Unbiased IRS Tax Problem Resolution

Are embarrassment and fear of being judged holding you back from seeking the help of an IRS TAX Attorney? At Law Offices of Nick Nemeth, we ensure that compassion is the priority when listening to your IRS problems. Our team is dedicated to providing consultation and advice as though each of you is a family. This step makes the journey of IRS problem to resolution quite worth it for you.

2017 Business Tax Highlights

Watch this video to find out your business tax obligations in the upcoming tax season, and do better tax planning. Learn about quarterly tax, tax cuts, overtime rule, health reimbursement, and more.

Key 2017 Tax Highlights

Want to know what the coming year has in store for taxpayers? Watch this video to know major tax changes such as deductions in tuition fees, mortgage debt forgiveness, medical expense deduction threshold, and delayed W2 & 1099 reporting. Make correct tax moves while filing your 2017 tax returns.

How long should I save it

You save proper documents to defend your tax return, but for how long? Stop piling. The video gives you an overview of how long you should save the documents.

Proving your deductions

Proving your deductions can be difficult, especially when tax authorities deny everything you present as a proof. You can prevent this from happening to you. Watch this video to find out what all you can do to prove your deductions.

Make the Most of Your Donations

All non-cash charitable contributions qualify for IRS tax exemptions. The tax regulatory body, however, may disqualify your request due to the lack of proper documentation. Here are five tips to ensure it doesn’t happen to you.

Ideas to Audit-Proof Your Tax Return

Filing a tax return may let you receive a part of the taxes you pay in a financial year, but of course, you wouldn’t want that at the cost of the stress involved with an IRS audit. Here are some tips to help avoid common audit triggers.

Five Great Tax Secrets

Filing a tax return can be an overwhelming process, especially if you haven’t mastered the intricacies involved in the process. You need a tax broker who can not only help you specify all relevant deductions, but also provides guidance on filing an error-free tax return request, within the stipulated timeline.

Nick explains commonly asked tax questions

Nick Nemeth, a top Dallas Lawyer, talks about his 17+ years experience helping taxpayers. He answers commonly asked tax questions on the “Ask the Lawyer” program. He explains that it is a crime for taxpayers to fail to file tax returns on time, as opposed to failure to pay.

Tax Attorney Nick Nemeth Explains the Importance of a Local Dallas Lawyer When Dealing With the IRS

In this video, Dallas Tax Attorney Nick Nemeth, explains the importance of hiring a local tax lawyer when dealing with the IRS and the nature of problems that require immediate attention from an experienced, local tax lawyer.

Law Offices of Nick Nemeth, PLLC

Nick Nemeth explains the importance of having someone who understands the complexity of the Tax Code. Nick also explains his services when you choose to hire his law practice in resolving your tax issues.

Successful and Permanent Solutions to Tax Problems

In this video, renowned Tax Attorney, Nick Nemeth speaks to folks who default taxes owed to do to remedy their situation with the IRS. He speaks about the step by step approach that is used to find permanent solutions to your tax problems.

Can the IRS send you to Jail?

Nick Nemeth, Tax Lawyer, answers the question most people grapple with, which is “when can the IRS send me to jail?” He explains that the biggest crime you can commit is failure to file returns on time, not a failure to pay.

Nick Nemeth Talks About IRS Targeting and Tax Disputes

Nick Nemeth, a top Dallas tax Attorney urges Americans to seek legal assistance and not wait until their tax problem gets worse. He explains why everyone should take tax issues seriously as IRS problems are not restricted to the rich.

Dallas Fort Worth Nick Nemeth Discusses Tax Problems and the IRS Fresh Start Program

In this video Nick Nemeth, a top Dallas tax Attorney, talks about recent changes in the Tax Code that allow people with IRS problems to settle their balances easily, for a reduced amount. He also explains why you need someone who can give give you accurate legal advice in order to resolve your problems.

Dallas Nick Nemeth Talks About National IRS Tax Resolution Companies

Nick Nemeth talks about the pitfalls of hiring dubious national IRS tax resolution companies. He reminds taxpayers of the various undesirable consequences of failing to resolve their tax problems appropriately on time or hiring an unqualified service provider.

Texas Lawyer Nick Nemeth Explains the Pitfalls of Using Out of State Tax Resolution Firms

In this video tax Attorney, Nick Nemeth advises taxpayers to be careful of out-of-state tax resolution companies that request upfront payments before fixing your problems. He also discusses the importance of hiring a local tax lawyer who will deliver on time.

Attorney Nick Nemeth on KRLD’s Consumer Team

DFW Attorney Nick Nemeth talks with Pete Thomson about the importance of not delaying getting help for an IRS tax issue.