IRS Tax Investigation in Dallas TX

IRS-Tax-InvestigationWhen you are facing an IRS problem, an IRS tax return investigation can be a prerequisite. Your IRS tax file lays the foundation for determining the best approach to solve your IRS problems. Though you can access your tax file by simply requesting them, Keep in mind that requesting tax transcripts may raise a red flag with the IRS if you request them yourself. That’s when the tax lawyers at the Law Offices of Nick Nemeth can come to the rescue whether you live in Dallas, Fort Worth, or anywhere else. Our firm is equipped with experienced tax lawyers that are able to request our client’s transcripts by other means that may not be available to you without compromising your situation further.

How We Help

Understanding what is inside your file is not easy. Many of your IRS documents are coded in cryptic language, which is why you need an experienced tax attorney when it comes to IRS tax investigations. Our proficiency in working with the IRS code allows us to find out what the IRS knows about you. We are able to find information such as how much longer the IRS can come after you for past due liabilities. We regularly conduct IRS investigations for both individuals and businesses.

What to Expect

We will help you find out what the Internal Revenue Service knows about you without triggering suspicion from the IRS so you can resolve your tax problems forever.

Have a Tax Investigation Concern?

The best way to prevent IRS problems is to file your taxes on time and accurately. If you are currently facing any type of IRS problem, and need assistance of a professional tax attorney in or around Dallas, Fort Worth TX, call us at (972) 426-2553 or fill out the Free Case Evaluation Form for a no-obligation free consultation.

IRS Tax Investigation
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