It Doesn’t Have to Ruin Your Life: Four Ways to Minimize the Damage from an IRS Tax Dispute


A tax dispute with the IRS is the stuff of nightmares for almost every taxpayer, causing sleepless nights and making many taxpayers break out in a cold sweat at the thought of this situation. There are many horror stories about the IRS and the abuses that this agency has performed in the past. The odds are at least one friend, relative, or coworker has found themselves in a tax dispute with the IRS and ended up losing money, time, and even sleep because of it.

The IRS can be quite aggressive, this can be seen with firsthand stories and actual cases where this agency has overstepped heir boundaries or with agents who were out of control in attempts to collect a tax debt that they believe is owed. It is important for consumers to understand that you can keep control in a tax dispute with the IRS but only if you act quickly and know what steps to take to keep this type of situation from spiraling out of control. There are strategic mistakes that can make your situation worse, and these should be avoided at all costs.

4 Steps to Take Right Away With Any IRS Tax Dispute

1) Contact an experienced attorney who deals with the IRS on a regular basis, one who understands this agency and the current tax laws very closely. Trying to take on the IRS without an attorney is usually a big mistake, one that can be very costly. The IRS will try to be aggressive, intimidate you, and even bully you into complying with their demands. An experienced tax attorney will not be bothered by these scare tactics though, because the IRS attorney knows the law and the limits of this government agency. An attorney can put the IRS in check for you, providing support and legal advice every step of the way.

2) You should always take care to meet any deadlines. It may be tempting to ignore the issue or bury your head in the sand but this will not make the IRS or any tax debt go away. The IRS is not going to forget about you or disappear. By missing deadlines or ignoring the problem you are making things worse, and you will end up paying more in any interest and penalties that are accumulating.

3) Gather all documents and documentation that you will need and put these in order. When you are involved in any tax dispute with the Internal Revenue Service documentation is critical. The more you can document the data and information on your tax returns and filings the better you will be to defend these filings and be successful in any tax dispute with the IRS. Get all of the documentation for your tax dispute and keep it together in an organized fashion.

4) Only provide what the IRS asks for. Many taxpayers want to show complete cooperation, and this often means turning in more than what was requested by the IRS. When this is done the IRS is given the opportunity to closely examine all of the information and documents provided, not just the information that they asked for. This can complicate the tax resolution situation even further and actually make things worse. Only provide the information and documents that are requested by this agency and nothing else.

No one wants a tax dispute with the IRS, but if one is started it is essential to take action quickly in order to minimize the damage. An experienced tax attorney can help. Contact us today and let us deal with the IRS for you!


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