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Get Rid of a Tax Lien from Your Credit Report and Property

A tax lien is the last resort exercised by the IRS to make a tax defaulter pay what they owe. It reflects on the defaulter’s credit report and questions their credibility, due to which they may not qualify for loans and credit cards in the future. By the time people realize the long-term effect of a tax lien, it is already too late; however, with the right approach, no mountain is too high to climb. If you too have received a tax lien and now want to get rid of its imprint on your credit report, this blog is for

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Worried about IRS Problems? The IRS Fresh Start Program May Help

IRS Problems with Nick Nemeth

The IRS has recently made changes to its Tax relief program (New Fresh Start Program) that makes it easier for taxpayers including small business taxpayers to settle their IRS debt for a reduced amount and avoid tax liens. Under the IRS New Fresh Start Program taxpayers would be able to resolve their debt problems quickly and for less money; however, it is advisable not to wait for the right time as these programs are constantly changing. If you are facing any IRS debt problem, this post will walk you through three important features of the IRS Fresh Start Program which

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