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A Brief Guide to Understanding IRS Tax Appeals

If you disagree with the IRS’ decision on the amount of taxes you owe, there is a recourse to help resolve the dispute without taking it to the Tax Court. You can file an appeal with the Office of Appeals which is an independent organization within the IRS. An IRS tax appeal helps you request an additional investigation into your taxes which may lead to a reduced tax bill if the investigator finds any error or anomaly. This blog will answer popular questions people ask about Appeals.  Please read on. When can you file an appeal? You can file an

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Tax Problems that Call for an Experienced IRS Attorney

Tax Problems with The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth

No one wants to deal with the IRS, but once you came under the radar, dealing with the IRS problem at hand can be complex and overwhelming. More often than not, you need proper guidance when dealing with an IRS issue. In such cases, you need professional assistance from an experienced IRS tax lawyer. An IRS tax lawyer can help you take the right steps to come out of the problem. Being experienced in dealing with the IRS, an IRS attorney can help resolve your IRs problems and move ahead in your life. Continuing the discussion, in the post, we

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5 Scenarios Where it is Best to Hire an IRS Attorney

Advice for IRS tax Attorney with Nick Nemeth

Tax issues are complicated, and while taxpayers have the right to represent themselves before the IRS, the experience could be frightening, time-consuming and intimidating. Seeking the help of an experienced IRS attorney could mean less stress, more peace of mind and a better chance of turning the decision in your favor. Having said that, this blog post lists five scenarios where it makes more sense to hire a tax lawyer. Read on. 1. Unfiled Tax Return An unfiled tax return could be a serious offence, especially when you owe a large amount of unpaid taxes to the IRS. If there

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