Kind Words From Our Clients

Prior to engaging Mr. Nemeth, I retained another large and well-known tax resolution firm. After several months and tremendous fees, I received disappointing results. From the moment I
engaged Mr. Nemeth, he and his staff were very professional and attentive. My case has since been resolved by his firm; and I couldn’t imagine using any other law or tax office to provide
representation. His office staff were excellent communicators who always put me at ease. Mr. Nemeth provides unparalleled expertise. His staff, specifically Ms. Oliver, consistently kept me
informed about my case and answered each inquiry I had. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend his services.  

Anthony A. The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth

It was a very rainy day and, after driving several hundred miles, I finally made it home and planned on having a warm meal and, maybe, watching a little television.
But before doing so, I went outside to check the day’s mail.
The usual array of junk mail, with a few bills mixed in, and… is that what I think it is?
Yes, it was a letter from the IRS. My heart sank.
Oh well, I better open it and see what they want.
It was worse than expected. They wanted to review my tax
records from a few years prior.Yes, I was being audited!
Fortunately, I had about a month before I had to meet with the agent.
After doing extensive research online, the consensus was that I should not meet with the IRS without adequate representation.
Luckily, I had heard Nick Nemeth’s advertisements on ESPN radio.
I decided to meet with one of his associates and it was one of the best decisions that I could’ve made.
He was very professional and explained the audit process, along with what I could expect.
(Heretofore, I had no idea that an audit could sometimes take a year or more.)I hired Nick’s firm and it was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.
The IRS had to meet with me at his office – not my home or workplace.
They also had to deal only with the law office (after the initial interview) so I didn’t have to worry about being taken advantage of – or saying
the wrong thing. In the end, everything worked out well and the process only lasted a couple of months.
I especially liked dealing with the Nemeth’s law office because it is locally owned and within a short drive from my home.
I promise that you won’t be disappointed if you use Nick’s services.
For me, it was money well spent.  

Anthony H. The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth

I found myself behind on my taxes not too long ago.
I did have all my receipts and all but just let time get away from me and the next thing I know, I was having liens filed against me. It was to put it mildly, terrifying!
I had been hearing Nick Nemeth’s radio commercials for quite some time and reached out to him. We set up a meeting and he assured me that he could help me. I brought his team
everything they asked for and of course, I had questions all along the way and they had answers. They did everything they said they would.
When they called me in before we submitted all we had to the IRS, Nick sat down with me again and told me what I could more than likely expect. It turned out even better than
expected! I still can’t believe they did what they did. I now file quarterly and I am back on track. I have my life back thanks to these guys! They are who they say they are and they do
what they say they’ll do. All you have to do is your part and you can rest assured knowing they’ll do theirs.
Don’t put it off. If you have a tax issue, call them right away and get your life back too. They know their job well.
Thank you Nick, Elizabeth, Britney, Ryan and everyone else at their office. In fact, I could never thank you enough.  

Rick U. The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth

I found Nick and his team to be extremely helpful is assisting me with my IRS issue.
Elizabeth had been working with me through the entire situation.
She is a great asset to Nick Nemeth’s team.
Everyone there is helpful.
Don’t go this alone, call his office.
You will not regret it.
I didn’t.  

David B. The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth

I feel Mr. Nemeth and his staff has been upfront with me with everything. No surprises and they kept me up to date through the process. I now sleep better knowing someone is actually looking out for me.

William O. The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth

I want to say how much help Nick and his wonderful staff were to me over a long drawn out process which took a few years to resolve. They were always there to help me along the way never failing to answer any questions I had, basically holding my hand through it all. I would highly recommend Nick and his staff to anyone needing their services.  

Phillip W. The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth

Wonderful experience! Our business would have closed if not for the work they did to help us with our taxes.  

John B. The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth