All You Need to Know about the New IRS ‘Tax Pro Account’ Feature

IRS launches 'Tax Pro Account' feature

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) always works to enhance and simplify their tax-related services and help individuals manage various financial aspects of their lives. In its latest effort to simplify digital interactions, and as the first step towards fully digitizing and automating the tax system, the IRS launched a ‘Tax Pro Account’ feature in July 2021. Keep reading as we discuss everything you need to know about the latest ‘Tax Pro Account’ feature launched by the IRS.

What is the Purpose of a ‘Tax Pro Account’?

The new ‘Tax Pro Account’ aims to assist taxpayers looking for IRS debt relief by automating and speeding up the submission of applications for Power of Attorneys (POA), which authorizes debt attorneys to represent the taxpayer. It also simplifies the process of submitting tax information authorizations (TIA), which allow tax practitioners to view your accounts. Applications submitted through this medium skip the manual check by IRS representatives and go directly to the Centralized Authorization File (CAF) database. While these are undoubtedly some incredible new benefits, the IRS plans to introduce a lot more for the ‘Tax Pro Account’. Besides, other manual processes are still available for anyone looking to get third-party authorizations for their debt attorney to assist them avail IRS debt relief.

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Using ‘Tax Pro Account’ to Get Authorization to Represent Clients

The key benefit of the new ‘Tax Pro Account’ is the real-time processing it offers as an all-digital platform. Firstly, anyone that wants to use the ‘Tax Pro Account’ to get authorization to represent taxpayers must initiate a request for a power of attorney or tax information authorization on The representative then informs the taxpayer about authorizing the process through a pending request in their IRS online account. The taxpayer needs to log into their account to review and electronically sign the request. Finally, the request is sent to the CAF database, where the time taken for the recording process can vary from a few seconds to 48-hours.

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Few Tips To Help Efficiently Use The New System

For now, the ‘Tax Pro Account’ feature can only be availed by taxpayers looking to get help from debt attorneys, while other entities can potentially expect to avail this feature in the future. There are a few things taxpayers must keep in mind when planning to use the new ‘Tax Pro Account’ feature. First of all, the taxpayer authorizing POAs and TIAs must have an IRS online account. Secondly, the names and addresses of the taxpayer and the tax professional should accurately match the IRS records. In addition, the tax professional helping with IRS debt forgiveness must have a CAF number and have a good reputation with the IRS. Finally, it is compulsory for both taxpayers and tax professionals to have addresses in the United States.


The latest ‘Tax Pro Account’ feature is an excellent step that simplifies, speeds up, and enhances the efficiency of digitally submitted applications for POAs and TIAs. It remains important to find a skilled debt attorney that can even help in sticky situations like when seeking IRS penalty abatement and an offer in compromise. When looking for a tax attorney in Dallas, reach out to our team of proficient and experienced experts at the Law Offices Of Nick Nemeth for IRS debt relief and a whole range of other IRS problems resolutions. For a free consultation and answers to all your questions, call at (972) 426-2553 or fill out our Contact Form.

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