Benefits of IRS Expanded Voice Bot Options

Improving taxpayer experience

When calling customer service departments of different businesses, you will deal with bots most of the time. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has also decided to adopt voice and chat bots-based interaction features for two of its specialist toll-free telephone service lines. The bot-based services are going to be introduced across more verticals in the near future. The move, which is a component of the IRS Taxpayer Experience Strategy, aims to enhance the quality of interactions between the IRS and taxpayers by supplying more information through the use of cutting-edge technology solutions like AI-powered voice and chatbots. The facility will be of immense benefit to taxpayers dealing with unfiled tax returns and other IRS problems. This blog takes a closer look at the benefits of the IRS Expanded Voice Bot options.

How does the IRS expanded voice bot work?

Taxpayers with unfiled tax returns who receive a notice in the mail from the IRS can call an AI-powered bot to arrange payment without having to hold for an IRS agent. If they owe the IRS less than $25,000, they qualify to set up a payment plan through the voice bot, which, according to the IRS, covers the vast majority of taxpayers with unpaid and unfiled tax returns. Taxpayers can use the personal identification number on the notice they got in the mail to prove their identity when calling the Automated Collection System (ACS) and Accounts Management toll-free lines to discuss their payment plan options. According to the government agency, it recently started utilizing voice and chatbots in English and Spanish on phone lines that help people with problems, simplifying tax payments and comprehending IRS notices. The IRS plans to utilize the bots later in the year to help taxpayers with more complicated problems, but they are not yet available for taxpayers with ordinary tax season inquiries. The bots will also be used to let taxpayers set payment plans for filing unfiled tax returns, seek transcripts, and get information about their accounts, like payout specifics, by authenticating their identity.

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Key benefits

According to the IRS, voice and chatbot interactions bring the following benefits for taxpayers as a part of the overall Taxpayer Experience Strategy:

  • A reduction in phone hold times as a result of the increased use of appointment and call-back technologies.
  • Convenient communication from the IRS, using the preferred method and language.
  • Simple and secure methods for updating personal accounts, communicating with IRS agents, and making payments from any device.
  • Notifications concerning adjustments to tax conditions, refund status, audit status, and payments are personalized.
  • Accessible tax information that is simple to grasp, as well as tools that make it easier to file returns that are complete and accurate.
  • Less time is spent explaining problems to different IRS employees, which ensures that most problems will be fixed in a single conversation.

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What should taxpayers be aware of?

First, the IRS introducing automated voice bots doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hire a tax lawyer for issues such as unfiled tax help. It only means that the communication process with the IRS just got a bit more convenient. Also, there are some disadvantages to such a bot service. For instance, people who don’t have a clear grasp of English or Spanish might feel overwhelmed by the bot’s communication framework. Such a scenario can lead to misunderstandings, eventually resulting in inaccurate tax filing. To avoid any such miscommunication, it is highly recommended that you seek IRS tax relief advice from an experienced IRS tax attorney in Dallas, Texas.

Final word

The IRS is introducing technology to make things easier for taxpayers looking to resolve all manner of IRS tax problems. However, people who are not tech-savvy may find such an initiative to be a bit overwhelming and confusing. If you have IRS tax issues such as unfiled tax returns, you need to take action now and the first step is consulting a seasoned Dallas IRS attorney. When looking for an IRS attorney in Dallas that can help you settle IRS tax debt, look no further than the Law Offices of Nick Nemeth. We have a team of highly experienced tax lawyers in Dallas that are always ready to discuss your case and render the necessary assistance. To get a FREE no-obligation consultation, call (972) 484-0829 or fill out our contact form.

Benefits of IRS Expanded Voice Bot Options
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