Common IRS Tax Problems and Their Solutions

Ways to resolve IRS Tax Problems with Nick Nemeth

It makes sense that some people refer to tax season as a stressful season. The Tax Code is very complex while the IRS is tough on defaulters. An otherwise innocent and simple mistake, such as filing your returns late, can invite a fine of up to 25 percent. That  is why it pays to know your way around common IRS problems that you may encounter from time to time and to seek professional IRS problem help in time.

In this blog, we look at some of the effective ways to resolve IRS tax problems.

Unsubmitted Tax Returns

If you have any unfiled tax returns from previous years, you must file them as soon as possible. Keep in mind that filing your taxes is not the same as paying your taxes. After filing your taxes explore the payment options that are available to help you extinguish your debt. You can also consult a tax attorney to get professional help for your IRS problems. There they will be analysing your situation and coming up with the best way to move forward.

Garnished Wages

If you are taxpayer who makes a salary, the IRS may impose a tax levy on your salary in the form of a wage garnishment.  You can stop such an action by responding to the notices that the IRS sends before putting wage garnishment into effect. If you failed to respond to the ‘Notice and Demand’, or the ‘Notice of Intent to Levy and your Right to a Hearing’, and your wages are already being garnished seek professional help for your IRS tax problems. Tax attorneys, like Nick Nemeth, will help you negotiate payment terms with the IRS.

Tax Lien

In a quest to recover outstanding taxes, the IRS can lay legal claim to property. This is known as a lien and it can be resolved by paying what you owe or promising to do so.  Get professional help with IRS tax problems by contacting an attorney. They can help you explore the different settlement methods that are acceptable to the IRS.

Inability to Pay

It is not uncommon for taxpayers to fail to pay their back taxes. If you find yourself in a position where you are unable to pay your back taxes, do not avoid the IRS. Avoiding them will only make your situation worse. There are many avenues available to solve your IRS tax problem, one of which is an offer in compromise. Seeking professional help to see if you qualify and see all your options might be the best next step forward.

Talk to a Professional about Your IRS Problems

Whenever you find yourself facing an IRS tax problem, the best way forward is to confront it and be proactive in moving forward. To eliminate any chance of making mistakes and making sure that you take advantage of the best possible solution for your circumstances, you need to consult with a tax attorney. Nick Nemeth and his experienced team of IRS professionals  provide some of the best help for IRS tax problems. Call MyIRSTeam today at (972) 627-4580 or mail to to hear how we can help.  You can also Message Us.

Common IRS Tax Problems and Their Solutions
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