Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Filing Taxes

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Filing an accurate tax return with the help of a professional helps taxpayers in more ways than one. Nobody wishes to receive communication from the IRS to the effect that errors have been discovered on their tax return. The best way to avoid common pitfalls when filing your taxes is to hire a reputable professional and follow their directions. Here is a look at some of the common pitfalls you need to avoid when filing your taxes.


Bad math is by far the most common issue on most tax returns every year.  That is why the IRS strongly advises double-checking your math to make sure that there are no issues with adding, subtracting, and moving figures across different schedules. Most errors associated with calculations can be easily eliminated through e-filing. Math errors may result in you receiving a correction notice, owing the IRS more than you should, or getting a reduced refund as the IRS will take it upon itself to amend your taxes.

Misspelt Names

Names of everyone on your tax return must be spelt correctly as they appear on their social security cards. In terms of importance, this element ranks second to the accuracy of your math and computation. It is essential for women to alert the IRS to a name change after marriage or divorce to make sure that the name they submit on their tax return matches what the Social Security Administration has on record.

Wrong or Missing SSN

It is important to ensure the Social Security Numbers (SSN) of everyone mentioned on your tax return are accurate. This can be done by double checking the entries.

Filing Status Errors

Another common mistake that features on tax returns is choosing the wrong tax filing status. You can choose from five filing status options, which are:

  • Single
  • Married Joint Filing
  • Married Filing Separately
  • Head of Household
  • Qualifying Widow/er with Dependant children

Need Help? Contact a IRS Tax Attorney!

There are a few other common tax filing errors that you need to steer clear from including incorrect account numbers, failure to include charitable donations or other sources of income, not signing your signature, and missing the deadline altogether. If you need expert help with unfiled tax returns that are resulting in IRS debt tax problems, Nick Nemeth and his team of tax attorneys located in Dallas are here to help. Call us today at (972) 426-2553 for your free in person or over the phone consultation or write to us at You can also Send Us a Message to get more information on how we can help you with your IRS tax debt problems and we will get right back to you.

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