Don’t Let the IRS Pull a Fast One: Five Ways the IRS Takes Advantage of Taxpayers


A dispute with the IRS over taxes is the last thing that any taxpayer wants to engage in. This is a government agency with a reputation for intimidation and fear tactics, and the collection process used by the IRS can be quite brutal and aggressive. On top of this the tax code is so complicated that few taxpayers understand it, and the IRS is well aware of this fact and will use it to their advantage if the taxpayer lets them. Agents for the IRS may get away with actions and threats that are not allowed if the taxpayer does not have an experienced attorney and understand their rights completely. There are ways to get out of debt and avoid abuse.

This article will cover 5 common ways that the IRS may try to take advantage of uninformed taxpayers who do not have an experienced tax dispute attorney representing them. Make sure this does not happen to you, never take on the IRS without consulting an attorney who understands this agency and the tax code.

1) The IRS will take full advantage of any lack of knowledge that the taxpayer has. Since most taxpayers are not extremely knowledgeable about the US tax code the IRS will use this to their advantage. An IRS agent will typically not tell you that there are options or that you have rights, even if it means that you pay every penny you have and do not take advantage of programs and savings that are available. You should always have an experienced tax attorney with you before you try to take on the IRS, otherwise you will be like David facing down Goliath but you will probably not win the battle.

2) The IRS will not stop until they get what they want, making the taxpayer miserable in the process. This agency has a wide range of powers that can be used against a taxpayer, and the IRS may even cross the line at times unless the taxpayer stops this by having a tax dispute attorney on their side. The scare tactics and intimidation used by the IRS can include phone calls involving threats, letters meant to intimidate the taxpayer, and even personal visits from a revenue agent at times. A lawyer who has experience dealing with the IRS will protect the rights the taxpayer has and resolve any tax dispute without these types of intimidation.

3) In many cases the IRS will not inform a taxpayer of the rights that they have, and the agency will take advantage of the lack of knowledge that the taxpayer has in this area. An IRS dispute does provide certain rights for taxpayers. If you are not aware of your rights then this gives the IRS an advantage. It is important to have a tax lawyer with IRS experience on your team so that the IRS must play by the rules or be held accountable.

4) The IRS loves taxpayers who are honest that provide additional information, and this is a common mistake made. Many people want to comply with an IRS request, and they tend to give this agency more than what they were asked for. Most of the time the IRS wants to gain the upper had, and they will use information provided by the taxpayer to do this if possible. Get an attorney and don’t give the IRS this opportunity.

5) Some of the most effective tools that the IRS has are fear and intimidation, and this agency uses these tools on a regular basis. The power that IRS agents have can be extremely intimidating, and taxpayers fear garnishments, property seizures, and even incarceration because this agency has the ability to do these things. Hiring a tax attorney will keep the IRS in line, because this legal professional knows what the IRS is allowed to do and when they cross the line.


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