IRS Appeal, Appeal Issues, and Appeal Tax Relief

If you have received a certified letter from the IRS declaring a Final Notice of Intent to Levy, the letter will also state you have a right to file an IRS appeal.  It is imperative that you take immediate action.  It is also in your best interest to contact a professional tax attorney.  A Final Notice of Intent to Levy can have disastrous consequences on your financial future.  The IRS can freeze your bank account, and any other account with your name on it, whether the money is yours or not.  They can place a garnishment on your wages resulting in your inability to pay all of your bills.  The IRS can and will gain complete control of your existing and future assets until your debit with them is resolved.

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The IRS Office of Appeals

The Office of Appeals is an independent organization within the IRS whose mission is to help taxpayers and the government resolve tax disagreements. Appeals does not seek to take sides in a dispute.  They offer an objective point of view on each individual case. Each case is reviewed after the applicable IRS compliance has made its decision.  The Office of Appeals works to resolve disagreements on a fair and impartial basis to both the taxpayer and the government.  As a taxpayer, you are entitled to dispute the results of an IRS assessment through the administrative appeal process for any reason other than religious, moral or political, conscientious objections.

How to File an IRS Appeal

Filing a request for IRS appeal is a very detailed and very confusing process for the average individual. The Collections Appeal Process (CAP) and the Collection Due Process (CDP) as well as the Small Case Request require certain forms, a Formal Letter of Protest to include a list of each proposed item with which you disagree, the reason(s) you disagree with each item, the facts that support your position on each item, and the law or authority, if any, that supports your position on each item.  Yes, you read that correctly.  The IRS requests that you, the average citizen, provide the law.  You need help and you need it immediately.  The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth and his team of professionals are here to help you.  It is very unwise to speak to the IRS or attempt to file the appeal yourself.  The tax laws and codes are in cryptic language that only a professional, experienced tax attorney can understand.

IRS Appeals Guide

The IRS Appeal Guide will walk you through the steps to file an appeal.  Think twice about taking those steps alone.  It is a very lengthy, complicated process.  IRS appeals are very time-sensitive and you do not have weeks and weeks to attempt to figure out exactly what the IRS wants.  A professional tax attorney will handle all filing of appeals and all communications with the IRS for you.

IRS Appeal Tax Relief

The IRS Fresh Start Program features three important features to make it easier for taxpayers to pay back taxes and avoid tax liens.  These three features are:

  1. Tax Liens
  2. Installment Agreements
  3. Offers in Compromise

There are stipulations on all three of these features including the IRS being able to re-instate the lien or decide that the taxpayer can pay the full amount owed.  Again, a professional tax attorney should be contacted.  The IRS wants to collect their money.  The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth want to help you resolve the debt with reasonable payment or settlements that allow you to live free of worry about the IRS.

If you receive any type of letter that states you have the right to appeal, call the Law Offices of Nick Nemeth immediately at 972-627-4580.  Let them take the burden off of you and help you reach the best possible settlement with the IRS.

IRS Appeal, Appeal Issues, and Appeal Tax Relief
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