IRS Tax Problems a Debt Attorney Can Help You With

A taxpayer’s worst nightmare is being at the receiving end of the IRS. Although one can take the DIY route to overcome IRS tax problems, it is always advisable to have an experienced tax attorney by your side, who can help navigate the complexities involved in the process. If you are facing an IRS tax problem and need professional help, look no further than the team at The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth. Continuing the discussion, in this blog post, we cover nine tax problems that a tax debt attorney can help you with. Take a look.

1. IRS Tax Investigation

The IRS can initiate a tax investigation if a taxpayer fails to accurately report their income, makes mathematical errors in their tax return, or claims deductions that exceed the set limit. Tax investigations are a serious issue and usually call for the expertise of an IRS tax debt attorney. Tax attorneys understand the ins and outs of tax filing procedures and can find discrepancies that may raise a red flag during the investigation.

2. IRS Tax Lien Assistance

A tax lien is a legal claim issued by the IRS against a taxpayer’s property. The IRS can claim any financial asset, vehicle, or real estate that is in the name of the taxpayer. Tax debt attorneys specialize in addressing tax debt issues by guiding taxpayers and presenting their requests to the IRS. Tax attorneys offer IRS tax lien assistance in a number of ways, including applying for lien withdrawal, subordination, and discharge of property.

3. Unfiled Tax Returns

Filing unfiled tax returns can be a tedious task, and if not filed correctly, it may lead to civil or criminal charges. IRS tax debt attorneys have the required expertise to file unfiled tax returns without any mathematical errors or leaving important information. In addition, they can also help in keeping your tax-related documents organised and up-to-date to make future filing processes easier and more time-efficient.

4. Levies and Garnishments

A bank levy, when issued for your account by the IRS, freezes the funds available in your account. Your assets are used to pay back your IRS tax debt. In case of a wage levy, the IRS sends a written notice to the taxpayer’s employer who is then liable to withhold the defaulter’s remuneration, or a part thereof, in every pay cycle, until the debt is cleared. Whether the IRS issues a bank levy or wage levy, it is essential to take action immediately and hire an experienced IRS tax attorney to help release the lien.

5. Revenue Officer Assistance

When you owe the IRS, a visit from a revenue officer usually makes things worse, as they have the authority to issue a lien, levy, or other financial restrainers to make you pay what you owe to the IRS. IRS tax attorneys understand that every tax situation is unique, and therefore, help in create a suitable approach to deal with revenue officers, and prevent issues such as a levy, lien, or seizure.

6. IRS Appeals

If you are dissatisfied with the determination made by the IRS regarding your taxes, you have the right to appeal to the Office of Appeals. Office of Appeals is an unbiased, independent organization that helps you find solutions to IRS tax problems. IRS tax debt attorneys are trained to present your care to the Office of Appeals, and get you out of a difficult situation by offering a settlement, such as Offer in Compromise, Innocent Spouse Relief, and other tax relief provisions.

7. Audit Letter

If you receive an audit letter from the IRS, it does not mean you are necessarily in trouble. However, if you have outstanding taxes, it is essential to hire a tax debt attorney to avoid facing major tax issues. If you do not agree with the claims of the audit letter, you can hire an IRS tax attorney to guide you through the audit process and address the issue at hand.

8. IRS Levy

Unlike a tax lien, if the IRS issues a levy, the tax body gets legally authorized to seize your assets to clear the taxes owed. As it is a serious issue, it is essential to contact a professional tax attorney to help resolve the tax issue. IRS levies can be removed in certain circumstances. If you have a valid reason for not paying your taxes, a tax attorney can help in getting the levy removed and finding a feasible solution for you to settle your tax debt.

9. Payroll Tax Problems

Employers must withhold a part of an employee’s payroll to pay their taxes. In such a scenario, there is a possibility for a company to face payroll tax problems. Tax attorneys not only offer help to individuals, but also an entire company or business to overcome any minor or major payroll tax related issue.

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