Know Your Appeal Rights before Going Against the IRS

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More than 100,000 taxpayers go through the IRS Tax Appeals process every year to reconcile their differences with IRS determinations on the tax obligations. It is your right as a taxpayer to contest IRS decisions that you do not agree with. However, simply disagreeing is not enough, as you need to know the process and your rights as enshrined in the Taxpayer Bill or Rights. Let us take a closer look at your rights as a taxpayer, which you must be familiar with to successfully appeal against an IRS determination.

Taxpayer Bill of Rights

Taxpayer rights in the Taxpayer Bill of Rights; these can be narrowed down into a list of 10, which are listed below.

  1. The right to be informed
  2. The right to quality service
  3. The right to pay no more than the correct amount of tax
  4. The right to challenge the IRS’s position and be heard
  5. The right to appeal an IRS decision in an independant forum
  6. The right to finality
  7. The right to privacy
  8. The right to confidentiality
  9. The right to retain representation
  10. The right to a fair and just tax system

What IRS Decisions can You Appeal?

As a taxpayer, you reserve the right to appeal against most decisions and actions during the IRS tax process. You can exercise your right to challenge the IRS position and be heard before the IRS Office of Appeals on the matters listed below.

  • Examination Adjustments
  • Interest Penalties
  • Liens
  • Levies
  • Trust Fund Recovery Penalties
  • Penalties
  • Offers in Compromise

The Workings of the Appeals System

If you disagree with any of the IRS’s determinations in the audit or collection phases of the IRS tax process, you can dispute your case with the IRS Office of Appeals. The office is an independent function within the IRS that was established to provide impartial review of cases with a view to finding an amicable solution.

Got an IRS Tax Problem? We Can Help!

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