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Common IRS Tax Problems and Their Solutions

Ways to resolve IRS Tax Problems with Nick Nemeth

It makes sense that some people refer to tax season as a stressful season. The Tax Code is very complex while the IRS is tough on defaulters. An otherwise innocent and simple mistake, such as filing your returns late, can invite a fine of up to 25 percent. That  is why it pays to know your way around common IRS problems that you may encounter from time to time and to seek professional IRS problem help in time. In this blog, we look at some of the effective ways to resolve IRS tax problems. Unsubmitted Tax Returns If you have

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Understanding IRS Tax Levies and How to Stop Them

A tax levy is one of the most destructive collection tools used by the IRS, which involves legal seizure of taxpayers’ assets against outstanding tax bills. A tax levy should, however, not to be confused with a tax lien. A tax lien is only a claim made against taxpayers asset, whereas a tax levy is the legal seizure of the assets. If you have any unpaid tax bill, the tax authority can levy your bank accounts, financial belongings, investment accounts, wages, pension, insurance policies,  and even physical assets to satisfy a tax debt. The post outlines various types of tax

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