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4 IRS Tax Problems And Their Resolutions

We all want a worry-free tax filing and paying experience. And in truth, taxes are simple when you fulfill your taxpayer duties 100% perfectly, 100% of the time. The thing is that, for most of us, being perfect 24/7 is not reality. We are all prone to forgetfulness, procrastination and external circumstances getting in the way. That means that we are all at risk of running into one, or a few, IRS tax problems during our lifetime. Understanding what these problems are, why they arise, and how to resolve them is key for a stress-free tax experience! 4 Common IRS

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IRS to Use Social Media to Track Defaulters: Here’s What it Means

IRS Tax Problems with The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth

Though the use of social media to catch tax evaders has recently become a hot subject, your so-called “private life” may have been a subject of interest for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for several years. As far back as 2013, observers of the U.S. tax scene have urged individuals to make sure activity on social media “backs up what you’ve submitted to the IRS.” These same sources add that you may need IRS tax problems help if you boast about your mini-vacations you are taking in combination with business trips, and you write it all off as business expense.

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5 Important Tips To Avoid Tax Problems with the IRS

Avoid Tax Problems with The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth

Nobody wants to lock horns with the IRS as it can not just cause a lot of stress, but can also lead to severe consequences such as wage garnishment, or even jail. But, instead of getting intimidated by the IRS, the best thing to do is to avoid the pitfalls that can lead to such consequences. Lets us take a look. 1.  Make sure you file your tax return on time One of the most common reasons for taxpayers ending up on the wrong side is that they do not file their returns on time. The first step to avoiding

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