What Is an IRS Tax Attorney?

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Lawyers provide an invaluable service for a variety of situations in life. They all have specific areas of specialization, which is the case with IRS tax attorneys in Dallas. IRS tax attorneys are experts when it comes to the Tax code, which is why they are best placed to help individuals and businesses regarding tax matters. Tax attorneys can assist taxpayers in appealing IRS audit results, negotiating tax settlements, and even representing you in court regarding tax issues. There are a number of problems a seasoned Dallas tax attorney can help solve. Let’s take a look at what exactly makes an IRS tax attorney and what they can do for you.

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What training does a tax attorney require?

Tax lawyers are granted permission to represent their clients in court only after they undergo substantial training. Before beginning their legal education, many attorneys acquire a bachelor’s degree in topics like accounting or business. The different education routes an aspiring tax attorney usually takes are as follows:

  • To practice as a lawyer, individuals must hold a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree at the very least.
  • Some students also prefer pursuing a Master of Laws in Taxation (LL.M.) degree.
  • Passing the bar exam is mandatory for aspiring lawyers. The bar exam, administered by each state’s bar organization, necessitates extensive preparation and verifies an attorney’s ability to practice law.

Tax lawyers must earn continuing education credits throughout their careers to retain their licenses. Continuing education also allows tax attorneys to stay up to date on legal developments and new tax code concerns.

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How can IRS tax attorneys assist you?

IRS tax attorneys understand the complexities of the federal tax code and can help taxpayers with all related issues. Here are some of the tax problems a tax attorney in Dallas, Texas can assist you with:

  • Audit Representation: If you have received an audit notice from the IRS and worry that the audit could lead to more complex issues such as tax fraud charges, a tax attorney in Dallas can help you find a resolution.
  • Delinquent Tax Returns: Late filing of outstanding tax returns may lead to substantial penalties and interest fees. Dallas tax lawyers can help you with the process of filing delinquent returns and seeking relief or a reduction of any penalties.
  • Criminal Defense: If you are facing tax fraud allegations or criminal tax charges, a Dallas tax lawyer can fight your case and even represent you in court.
  • Offers in Compromise (OIC): If you are unable to pay your back taxes, an offer in compromise might be the ideal way out. An IRS tax attorney in Dallas can work on your behalf and negotiate favorable OIC terms with the IRS.
  • Installment Agreements: Many taxpayers find it difficult to pay outstanding taxes as a lump sum. If you are facing a similar problem, tax attorneys in Dallas, TX can represent you and negotiate a feasible installment plan.
  • Dallas tax relief: An IRS attorney in Dallas can also assist you with the following problems:
    1. Tax levy release
    2. Tax lien release
    3. Tax penalty relief
    4. Wage Garnishment Removal

Final word

IRS tax attorneys can leverage their knowledge and experience to assist you to regain order and compliance with your taxes. It is always advisable to seek tax help from a seasoned attorney whenever you have IRS tax problems. The team of Dallas tax lawyers at the Law Offices of Nick Nemeth can help you get IRS problem resolution so you can enjoy peace of mind. Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation consultation session. Simply call us at (972) 426-2553. You may also fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.