What ‘Not’ to Do When Up Against IRS Tax Problems

Understanding Tax Lien

Every year millions of people face IRS tax related problems such as unpaid taxes, liens on assets, and various types of penalties for different reasons such as noncompliance, provision of inaccurate information, and late filing. No matter the problem, the IRS tax lawyers at the Law Offices of Nick Nemeth are equipped to help you carve out a solution and deliver the IRS tax problem help you need. Continuing on the subject, in this blog post, we present some common mistakes to avoid at all costs, when up against IRS tax problems. Read on.

1. Do Not Ignore any IRS Notice

Always keep a good record of all the IRS notices and your replies to each one of them. People usually get into trouble as they tend to ignore the automated IRS notices. Some of these notices are sent to you through mails. Make sure you pick them up or receive them and respond on time.

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2. Do Not Go the DIY Way

Many a time, people believe that they will be able to face the IRS officer without any completely wrong guidance. Always consult with your tax attorney before your meeting with the IRS as they will prepare you for the collection interview and guide you on how to present yourself. You will also get to know if the IRS revenue officer attempts to manipulate you. You should be aware that the only job of an IRS revenue officer is to collect money from you on behalf of the government.

3. Do Not Meet the IRS Alone

You IRS tax attorney must always represent you while you meet the IRS officer. Under the expert’s guidance, you will be able to handle the meeting in a better way and will wind up in better ways.

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4. Do Not Assume the IRS to be Foolproof

At times, the IRS office also requires some “cleaning” by the administration. As a result, do not agree with them entirely as the IRS also makes mistakes. Always do the fact-checking before making any move.

5. Do Not Be Unaware of Your Rights

You have full right to be treated wisely, in a complete professional and courteous manner by the IRS officer. If you don’t like the way the IRS officer treats you, you can always abort the interview you and ask for a word with the supervisor. Also, you have the right to be represented by your tax attorney who assists you with the proceedings.

Wrap Up

While it is essential to avoid the mistakes mentioned above, it is important to pay your taxes you owe to the IRS. Whether you are based out of Dallas, Fort Worth or nearby areas, do not wait for the tax problems to shoot up. Reach The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth directly at (972) 426-2553 or fill out our contact form here.

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