What You Need To Know About The IRS Fresh Start Initiative

Understanding The IRS Fresh Start Initiative

It helps to be well acquainted with the different helpful programs offered by the IRS to taxpayers who owe taxes or have unfiled returns. One program you might be interested to learn more about is the IRS Fresh Start Initiative. If you have unfiled tax returns, you can find a program from this initiative to provide you with a beneficial alternative to settle your tax problems. Here is a closer look at the Fresh Start Initiative.

What is The Fresh Start Initiative?

Despite having a bad reputation in some circles, the IRS is actively working at introducing changes that make life easier for taxpayers. The Fresh Start Initiative, for example, is a program designed to help taxpayers easily pay off their tax debts.

Through The Fresh Start Program you can discover a way to settle your tax liability to escape heavy penalties and interest. Overall this makes paying off tax debt easier, without having to worry about tax liens and levies. If you have unfiled tax returns or tax debt to worry about, you can really benefit from this IRS program.

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How Does The Fresh Start Initiative Help Taxpayers?

The Fresh start initiative offers taxpayers with previous transgressions such as unfiled tax returns, a second chance. Through the program, taxpayers get the opportunity to pay their tax debts the easy way. Over the course of 6 years, you can make comfortable installments to pay off your debt. Payment amounts are dictated by many factors including your income and assets. Additionally, taking part in the Fresh Start Initiative protects you from penalties, interests, liens, and levies.

Do You Qualify For The Fresh Start Program?

If you are considering filing unfiled tax returns to avoid fines, but remain worried about being able to pay, a tax relief program can be of great help. There are no set requirements that you must meet to take part in the Fresh Start Initiative. The eligibility criteria depend on the specific Fresh Start Program for which you are applying.

Unfiled Tax Returns? Get Help From A Tax Pro!

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