When to Hire a Tax Attorney

Hire reputable tax attorney

Hiring an IRS tax attorney is the best way to escape harsh penalties and collection action by the IRS. There are, however, instances where you can deal directly with the IRS, especially when the errors or omissions that are at issue pertain to an amount that has little to no impact on the gross income that you reported. It is advisable to always hire an IRS tax attorney when there are chances things could go south. In this blog, we look at some of the scenarios where you need to hire an attorney to help with IRS tax problems.

When Being Audited

Hiring a tax attorney when being audited can make all the difference. However, some audits are just routine and amount to the IRS requesting more information or documents to support elements in your return such as deductions and tax credits. You may also need the assistance of a tax attorney if you wish to appeal the auditor’s decision.

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When the IRS is Pursuing Criminal Charges

Criminal charges from the IRS demand all your attention as they can result in a dire situation. They are usually laid against taxpayers that stand accused of crimes such as wilful tax evasion through failure to file, claiming fraudulent credits and deductions, and concealing taxable income. You need to hire an IRS tax attorney to boost your chances of getting a favorable outcome.

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If ANY of the Following are True

  • You owe more than $100,000 in taxes
  • You are self-employed or own a small business
  • Your financial situation is complicated or unusual
  • An IRS Revenue Officer has been assigned to your case
  • You feel intimidated by the IRS and don’t feel comfortable engaging them

Last Word

Taxpayers that hire attorneys are generally treated better. Apart from boosting your chances of a favorable determination, roping in a tax attorney also saves you the time and stress of trying to navigate the complicated provisions of the Tax Code. The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth gives you easy access to some of the best tax attorneys in Fort Worth, Texas. Our team has proven experience helping taxpayers with all sorts of tax problems, including tax lien assistance. Talk with a tax attorney today at (972) 627 4784 or email jamie@myirsteam.com.

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