5 Scenarios Where it is Best to Hire an IRS Attorney

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Tax issues are complicated, and while taxpayers have the right to represent themselves before the IRS, the experience could be frightening, time-consuming and intimidating. Seeking the help of an experienced IRS attorney could mean less stress, more peace of mind and a better chance of turning the decision in your favor. Having said that, this blog post lists five scenarios where it makes more sense to hire a tax lawyer. Read on.

1. Unfiled Tax Return

An unfiled tax return could be a serious offence, especially when you owe a large amount of unpaid taxes to the IRS. If there is no legal or complex issue with the filing of tax return, seek help of a Certified Public Accountant.

2. Tax Lien

A tax lien is claimed when an individual or business fails to pay taxes. It is the government’s claim on the property that gives IRS the first right to own a seized property over other creditors. A tax lien has a significant impact on the taxpayer’s ability to borrow money, and if unpaid, it gives the IRS the legal right to seize assets.

3. Tax Fraud

Fake tax credits, false deductions, understated income or any other act done with the intent to commit fraud can get you a legal notice by the IRS. Turning to an IRS attorney might help in such a scenario.

4. Tax Levy

The IRS can seize cars, 401 Ks, bank accounts, real estate, wages and more under tax levy. To minimize the impact of a tax levy or prevent financial damage, it is better to hire an attorney immediately.

5. Tax Penalty

At times, a tax penalty is a significant portion of the tax debt an individual owes to the IRS. An experienced attorney can help in reducing the penalty amount significantly and making IRS believe that there was a just reason behind non-compliance with the tax laws.

The Way Forward

If you have received a legal notice by the IRS and want an experienced tax attorney to represent your case, get in touch with the Law Offices of Nick Nemeth. We will be happy to provide a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your tax problems and options. To schedule your free appointment, call (972) 426-2553.

5 Scenarios Where it is Best to Hire an IRS Attorney
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