How to Stay Out of Jail When You Owe Back Taxes

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Not paying your taxes is an easy mistake to make. Ignorance or forgetfulness are the common culprits. The more you put off your IRS debt responsibilities, the worse the problem can get. No matter how innocent the reason for neglecting your IRS tax debt is, the consequences can be serious. In fact, in some cases, back taxes could even land you in jail! While seeking professional help is the best approach when you owe back taxes, you too must be aware of the basics. That is precisely what we cover in this blog post. Let’s start with some basics.

Can an IRS tax debt really put you behind bars?

If you haven’t been keeping a track of your IRS tax debt, you are probably worrying about the consequences that could come your way. Are you at risk of prosecution? Well, it all depends on your individual situation. Owing taxes to the IRS doesn’t necessarily mean you could go to jail. But in some cases, it could be a real possibility.

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The IRS is constantly seeking out tax offenders and isn’t afraid to serve penalties according to the law. Everyone is under the scope of their lens. In fact, even the famous have to deal with the consequences of tax evasion. One of the more recent popular cases was that of reality TV star Michael Sorrentino, facing prison time for tax evasion and fraud.

Getting a professional evaluation of your individual IRS tax debt case is the best way to get an idea of what you are dealing with. But for the most part, as long as you have been transparent about your finances, filing your tax returns and show no sign of trying to purposely avoid payment, jail is probably not something you should be worrying about.

If, however, you have knowingly done anything fraudulent or illegal in order to neglect tax payment or attempted to deceive the IRS in any way, you can be prosecuted and sentenced with jail time. These types of cases are considered tax evasion or fraud, which are prosecutable crimes. Actions such as failing to file your returns or even helping someone else to illegally avoid tax payment can be considered fraud or evasion and land you behind bars.

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Getting Rid of Your Tax Problems

If you are facing IRS debt problems, our team can help. If you are not happy with your current tax debt situation, getting professional tax law attorneys is great help. Don’t get lost trying to understand technical tax law language. Why spend hours of confusion exploring your options on your own, when you can have an expert guiding your way?

Our attorneys can help you determine whether you even risk jail time, how to handle a lien, levy, garnishments, and other tax legal problems.

Don’t Lose Hope! Talk to an IRS Tax Attorney

No matter what IRS tax debt problem you are dealing with, let us help you. The IRS tax lawyers at the Law Offices of NIck Nemeth can help you take the best course of action for your circumstances. For a free, no-obligation consultation, simply call (972) 426-2553 or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We value the opportunity to be of service.

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