Tax Attorney or Enrolled Agent: Who to Choose for IRS Tax Problems Help?

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Being in a deadlock with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can be extremely stressful, but with an experienced IRS tax professional on your side, no mountain will be too high to climb. In addition, hiring tax lawyer can help ensure the results are more favourable outcome. Though there are no guarantees, seeking IRS tax problems help is something you should seriously consider, for which you can either work with an IRS tax lawyer or an enrolled agent. The third category of professionals are CPAs, who often work in the taxation area and have limited rights to represent taxpayers in communications with the IRS. In fact, some tax lawyers are also certified public accountants (CPA), though this isn’t absolutely necessary for the legal professional to be effective in helping you.

Important Factors

An enrolled agent is a federally licensed practitioner who can work with a taxpayer, in confidence, as long as certain conditions are in place. The agent can represent the individual in audit and collection matters, though this doesn’t apply to the state-tax process. In a similar manner, tax attorneys can represent individuals as well in resolving a tax problem, but also they will advise and provide a planning strategy to both individuals and businesses who owe the IRS.  (and some attorneys can help with state tax issues). Only an attorney can represent you in court.

There are differences. Attorneys train with an emphasis on case law, legal research etc. to prepare for helping with tax litigation, appeals, and liability issues. Enrolled agents must demonstrate their competence in taxation, taxpayer representation, and ethics, before being allowed to help with collections, audits, etc.

Specific Needs

Choosing your professional should always involve serious consideration of your specific needs (IRS problems resolution). If you are planning to incorporate a business, need help with tax planning, or you’re going to be involved in an audit, installment agreement, or offer in compromise, an attorney is generally the right choice. An enrolled agent, as mentioned, is effective in collections, audits, and similar processes.

If your questions are more complex, involve possible litigation or liability issues, or involve several organizations, you would probably be best served by contacting an IRS tax attorney. This is especially true if you must deal with tax levies, liens, garnishments, or audits against you, your family, or your business.

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