The IRS Takes Advantage of Taxpayers Who Do Not Know Their Rights

According to taxpayer advocate and Dallas based tax attorney Nick Nemeth the IRS takes advantage of taxpayers who do not know or fully understand their rights under the US tax code and the current laws. In this situation IRS agents may violate the rights of the taxpayer in the hope that the individual does not realize this is happening. Americans have a set of fundamental rights whenever there is a dispute or even contact with the Internal Revenue Service, but it is up to the taxpayer to know what these rights are so they are aware of it if one of these rights has been violated.

Privacy and confidentiality is critical when it comes to taxpayer information and account details. This government agency is responsible for making sure that all employees keep taxpayer information private and confidential, and that the taxpayer account is only accessed for authorized government reasons. The taxpayer also has the right to be kept informed about their account and any tax liability or IRS actions and decisions that affect the account. This also means that the agency has the responsibility to be clear so that the taxpayer understands what they need to do to comply with agency demands, requirements, and communications.

Every taxpayer who has any contact at all with the Internal Revenue Service has the right to expect a certain level of professionalism and quality customer service according to IRS lawyer Nick Nemeth, an attorney who represents taxpayers with IRS problems. IRS agents should provide prompt service, courteous responses, and assistance which is professional and which provides the proper respect and dignity for the taxpayer. Ay taxpayer who has been treated in a manner that is inconsistent with the taxpayer rights can speak with a supervisor at the IRS to discuss the service that they received. The agency must allow a taxpayer to choose a representative to deal with the IRS on behalf of the taxpayer, and the choice of representative is up to the taxpayer and not the agency.

Nick Nemeth advises taxpayers that the IRS has a responsibility to determine and assess a tax liability that is appropriate and correct. If a taxpayer disputes the agency position then the individual has the right to appeal and challenge the disputed claim. The appeal must be heard by an independent forum, and the taxpayer has the right to take the IRS to court if they feel this is needed as well. The Internal Revenue Service has a responsibility to the taxpayer to provide finality, so that the taxpayer has a clear answer about what is owed, when something is due, and even how long the agency can try to collect on a tax debt.

Tax attorney Nick Nemeth works with taxpayers and provides assistance with IRS tax disputes, and he has helped many individuals and business owners resolve IRS tax problems. Don’t let the IRS take advantage of you. Taxpayers who know about their rights are more likely to prevail in any dispute with the Internal Revenue Service.

The IRS Takes Advantage of Taxpayers Who Do Not Know Their Rights
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