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Is Refinancing or Selling Property Possible with an IRS Tax Lien in Place?

Facing an IRS tax lien can be daunting, especially when considering crucial financial decisions like selling or refinancing a property. Understanding the intricacies of an IRS lien and seeking IRS help with taxes is essential. If you find yourself grappling with such IRS problems in Dallas, the Law Offices of Nick Nemeth is here to assist. As an experienced Dallas tax attorney, we focus solely on tax lien assistance, IRS lien withdrawal, and more. In this blog, we delve into the question: “Is Refinancing or Selling Property Possible with an IRS Tax Lien in Place?” Our aim is to provide

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Types of IRS Tax Installment Agreement

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your mounting IRS tax problems? What can you do if paying your tax debt quickly is simply not an option? For your fortune, the IRS allows taxpayers to pay off tax debt through an IRS installment agreement. An IRS installment agreement, also called an “IRS Installment payment plan”, allows taxpayers to pay their tax debt in parts, over an extended period of time. Find out more about each type of IRS payment agreement. This way, you can figure out which one is a good option for you, and you can finally say goodbye to your

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Need to know about unfiled tax returns

Most people will agree that there are few things quite as scary as getting into trouble with the IRS. Many taxpayers get into trouble for committing simple and avoidable mistakes on their tax returns. With some care and the right knowledge, you can avoid making mistakes on your tax returns that can come back to haunt you in the future. In today’s post, we’ll present guidelines to help with your tax returns. When Possible, File Electronically To guarantee the highest level of accuracy on your return, it is recommended to file electronically. The system used for filing online can significantly

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A Closer Look at Offer in Compromise: The IRS Debt Relief Program

Understanding an Offer in Compromise

IRS debt can be a stressful problem to handle for anyone, especially if you are struggling financially. The IRS might have a reputation for being ruthless, but the government agency is not blind to the difficult circumstances taxpayers sometimes face. For this reason, the IRS is open to providing an IRS debt relief and debt forgiveness program for those that genuinely need aid to avoid extreme hardships. One of the available IRS debt relief options is an Offer In Compromise. An OIC involves debt forgiveness, allowing taxpayers to settle their debt by paying a lesser amount than what is owed.

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Unfiled Tax Returns Refund and How to Get Yours

IRS tax problems are not something you would want to carry around for years. Are you looking for help with years of unfiled tax returns and refunds? Have you received a notice from the IRS stating you have unfiled tax returns, and they are withholding a refund until you file delinquent taxes? Not filing just one return, even if it is unintentional, can wreak havoc on your life.  Not knowing what to do or how to do it increases stress. Don’t panic, we are here to help you with unfiled tax returns! First, let’s discuss who should file a tax

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A Look at 4 Types of Tax Fraud

Nothing can be more terrifying for a taxpayer than receiving a notice from the Internal Review Service (IRS) accusing them of committing tax fraud. Our advice to residents of Dallas and who receive such a notice, is that they should consult an IRS tax attorney in Fort Worth, TX without any delay. Tax fraud happens when a person or organization knowingly and actively falsifies information on their tax returns in order to reduce their tax liability. It entails cheating on a tax return in an attempt to avoid paying your tax obligation. Falsely claiming deductions, classifying personal spending as business

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The IRS is always on the lookout for defaulters and has the right to take action against them as per the law. When a taxpayer is unable to pay or file the taxes they owe, the obligation doesn’t cease to exist; it continues to accumulate interest and even penalties. Though the IRS continually tries to recover outstanding tax debt, it may agree to cut down on or waive tax penalties if a taxpayer is able to provide a satisfactory reason for their non-compliance. Read on to learn more about requesting an abatement of IRS penalties. IRS Penalties Eligible for Relief

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The IRS has strict wage garnishment laws to enforce debt collection on unpaid taxes, no matter whether we talk about Texas or any other state. Wage garnishments occur when you have an outstanding tax debt owed to the IRS and any other means of collecting the debt have not been achieved. Your employer receives a written notice from the IRS requesting a portion of your wages to satisfy your outstanding tax bill. By law, your employer must obey this request. There are ways to avoid or stop wage garnishments. If you receive a notice that you owe taxes,instead of wondering

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IRS Tax Problems Help with The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth

We all want a worry-free tax filing experience. And in truth, taxes are simple when you fulfill your taxpayer duties 100% perfectly, 100% of the time. The thing is that, for most of us, being perfect 24/7 is not reality. We are all prone to forgetfulness, procrastination, and external circumstances getting in the way. That means that we are all at risk of running into one, or a few, IRS tax problems during our lifetime. Understanding what these IRS problems are, why they arise, and how to resolve them is key to a stress-free tax experience! 4 Common IRS problems

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