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Five Steps to Take if You’re Stuck in an IRS Dispute

One of the things that most taxpayers are terrified of is to get into a tax dispute with the IRS. Anyone who has ever been in this position understands why the IRS is the most dreaded of the government agencies, and anyone who has never tangled with the IRS is extremely lucky. You do not want to catch the notice of the IRS if you can help it! The new year is right around the corner, and our law offices wish that no Texas taxpayer would have their lives made miserable by the IRS in the coming year but that

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What’s in Your IRS file? Do you know?

Do you know what the IRS has on file for you? Many of us have no idea. If you have filed taxes then you know they have the information that you sent with your tax returns. However, some taxpayers are surprised to see how much or even how little the IRS actually knows about them when they do review their files. You should know that anybody who pays someone and issues a 1099 or W2 would need to send a copy of that form to the IRS. This means that even if you forgot about a payment made to you

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